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"The Llano Co-operative Colony wants men and women of integrity, honesty of purpose, strength, high resolve, ideals, and ability. It offers in return the opportunity to work in a very practical and interesting way for a co-operative community in which there shall be equality of interests and a higher moral and ethical development than is likely to be found where competition and strife are the daily life of the people." Gateway to Freedom, New Llano, LA

Over the years many, many people joined the colony. During the first three years in California, the colony had grown to almost 1,000 members, although the majority of those chose not to make the move to Louisiana, however, a number of them did come later.

Many more joined after the move, but for one reason or another decided the co-operative lifestyle was not for them, or, being unwilling to do their share of the work were asked to go. Some, of course, stayed until the end.

Unfortunately, there is no complete listing of colonists available.

This one also is incomplete -- I have lots of information, but getting it sorted and into a database is very time-consuming. Another complication is that even though I have many sources, colonists are often referred to as Comrade or Mrs. so and so, or even by their last name only, so sorting them takes time. Check back often, as I will be adding more info whenever I can.

One more note -- the information I have managed to gather here shows only the bits and pieces of the colonists' stories that I have been able to locate. In every case, it's impossible to explain why they made the choices they did and I will not try to interpret the meanings behind these facts.

It should also be assumed that the bits I have found illustrate only a small portion of each individual's story -- the majority was never recorded and other parts remain unfound. Any scholarly work should refer to the sources listed for each individual.

You can help!

If you have info about any of these colonists or others, or if you find any mistakes in the information, please contact the museum at (337) 238-1185 or We'd love to have your information to add to our collection.

“The co-operators themselves tended to be colorful and highly opinionated. There was never a shortage of self-appointed philosophers who loved to pull up a chair in front of the hotel fireplace and spout elaborate theories at anyone within earshot.” Bread and Hyacinths, the Rise and Fall of Utopian Los Angeles by Paul Greenstein, Nigey Lennon and Lionel Rolfe

"Those who come into the Colony are expected to work. There is no place here for drones, idlers or parasites." Gateway to Freedom, New Llano, LA


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Aaby, J.O.

Adams, Dora (Jaufroid)

Aiton, Alice
Aiton, Florence
Aiton, John

Allen, Esther

Allred, Charles
Allred, Claude
Allred, Etha
Allred, John
Allred, Melvina (Hullinger)

Amos, Isabel
Amos, Mr.

Anderson, Charles F.
Anderson, Florence
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, J.P.
Anderson, W.S.

Ansley, Annie
Ansley, Bertis
Ansley, Debbs
Ansley, Gladys
Ansley, James
Ansley, R.D.

Archer, Ethel
Archer, Sydney

Armacost, Etta (Oberlitner)
Armacost, Jessie W.
Armacost, John B., Jr.
Armacost, John B., Sr.
Armacost, Roslyn G.

Ashlock, Caleb
Ashlock, Mary
Ashlock, Paul
Ashlock, Whelo

Askew, J.T.

Atwood, Bertha
Atwood, Frederick P.

Atworth, Mary H.
Atworth, Theodore

Ault, Mr.

Austin, A. Constance

Ayres, Dwight
Ayres, F.


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Babb, A.B.
Babb, Bennett
Babb, Lutie
Babb, Marion

Baer, Comrade

Baldwin, Rhea Mae
Baldwin, Runa
Baldwin, Septer

Banks, Thomas

Banta, Bondell
Banta, Earl L.
Banta, Elizabeth
Banta, R.W.

Barrett, Jack
Barrett, Shorty

Barron, Jack

Bartlett, Boyd
Bartlett, Ida Ann (Morris)

Barton, Dave

Bates, Charles

Bauer, Mr.

Bays, J.T.
Bays, Lenna
Bays, Leola
Bays, Lillian
Bays, Norman

Beals, Cora
Beals, May

Beavers, Beulah (Gaddis)
Beavers, Cora
Beavers, John Henry
Beavers, Mabel (Synoground)
Beavers, Max
Beavers, William

Belcher, Ethel

Bell, Alma (Wilson)
Bell, Harry, Jr.
Bell, Harry, Sr.
Bell, Ida
Bell, Louise (Belorahdsky)

Belorahdsky, A.
Belorahdsky, Josephine
Belorahdsky, Louise
Belorahdsky, Mary
Belorahdsky, Rose

Bennett, Edward C.
Bennett, Emma J.

Benthall, Gertrude
Benthall, Truman

Benton, W.C.

Bergold, Louis

Bertino, Bert
Bertino, Jimmy

Besse, Anna
Besse, Carl

Bickle, H.W.

Billick, Joe

Bingham, Rose
Bingham, William

Black, Charles
Black, Jennie

Blacksher, Joe

Blair, Rose B.

Blank, Edwin

Bohnstedt, Ed
Bohnstedt, Ida

Borello, Frank

Borgeson, Oren
Borgeson, Oscar

Bosch, Earl

Bosen, W.

Boulton, Alfred

Bowers, George B.

Bowling, Frank

Boyce, Vernon

Boydelatour, Charles

Bradshaw, Annette (Emry)
Bradshaw, Carl
Bradshaw, Carolyn
Bradshaw, Madeline
Bradshaw, Myrtle (Kemp)
Bradshaw, Nellie (Kemp)
Bradshaw, Paul
Bradshaw, Ray
Bradshaw, Verda
Bradshaw, W.E.

Brannon, Anita
Brannon, Charles
Brannon, Dick
Brannon, Ross
Brannon, Sarah

Brattland, Lois
Brattland, Michael A.
Brattland, Mabel

Bridger, Alice
Bridger, Doug

Bridwell, Dario
Bridwell, Dorothy
Bridwell, Elizabeth
Bridwell, Harlan
Bridwell, Kathleen
Bridwell, Louis H.

Briggs, Baby Boy
Briggs, Henry Lyman
Briggs, Mr.
Briggs, Patty
Briggs, Mrs. H.L.

Brostrom, John

Brough, Frank
Brough, Margaret
Brough, William

Brown, Bennie
Brown, Callie Mae
Brown, Charles
Brown, Daisy
Brown, E.G.
Brown, Ed
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Harold
Brown, Hattie
Brown, Irene
Brown, Jimmie
Brown, Lottie
Brown, Millard
Brown, Mrs. T.M.
Brown, Prudence Stokes
Brown, R.J.
Brown, Ross
Brown, Sarah
Brown, T.M.
Brown, Wesley
Brown, Willie
Brown, Woodrow

Bryers, C.

Buck, Howard
Buck, Lillian
Buck, Mrs. Warren
Buck, Warren

Buhre, Philip

Burbank, Mrs.

Burdick, Mr.

Burns, Glen

Burton, W.H.

Busick, Bertram
Busick, Bill
Busick, Byron
Busick, Fred
Busick, Iris
Busick, Mabel
Busick, Roscoe
Busick, Vivian

Butts, Charles N.

Buxton, Mildred


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Campbell, Cleve
Campbell, Crockett
Campbell, Flora (Young)
Campbell, George
Campbell, Mildred
Campbell, Nev
Campbell, Raymond

Carl, Eugene
Carl, Jessie (Page)

Carlson, Aldena

Carnahan, Jack
Carnahan, Mrs.

Carr, Fred
Carr, Lucille

Carter, Edward
Carter, Nancy

Case, Anna
Case, Clarice
Case, Florence
Case, Helen
Case, Willie C.
Case, Willie L.

Casey, Bessie

Caves, Ada
Caves, Esta
Caves, Inez
Caves, Leon
Caves, Lester

Cayton, Elmer

Cedarstrom, David

Chappell, Mr.

Chown, Alice

Clark, Ben
Clark, Curtis
Clark, Ed
Clark, Ethel
Clark, Harold B.
Clark, Harold W.
Clark, J. Homer
Clark, Mrs. Ben

Clock, John

Coak, Lilly
Coak, Nicholas

Coate, Lowell H. UPDATED 7/17/2018

Cobb, Rosebud (Cuno)

Coen, Ed C.

Coffin, Edna Mae
Coffin, Mr.

Cole, Bert
Cole, Ed
Cole, Ida

Collins, George
Collins, Mrs.

Condon, Richard
Condon, Emily (Swenson)

Conlin, Ginny
Conlin, Walter

Copas, Daniel M.

Copley, D.C.

Cornell, Grover C.

Corbett, Liljean

Cothran, Doyle
Cothran, Lawrence

Cotrell, Mr.

Couchman, Ben

Craft, Mr.

Crawford, Isibell  
Crawford, J.C.

Crisp, Mr.  

Cronk, Horace   

Crossland, Lionel NEW 8/3/2018
Crossland, Vivian (Busick)   

Crotts, Nona   

Cryer, Dan
Cryer, Dawson
Cryer, Denver
Cryer, Docia
Cryer, Dora
Cryer, Dover
Cryer, Leah

Cull, Walter  

Cunningham, Tom  

Cuno, Paulina  
Cuno, Pauline  
Cuno, Rosebud  
Cuno, Theodore  

Curtis, Arthur M.


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Danner, Mr. NEW 11/14/2018

Dauber, C.F. NEW 7/18/2018

Daugherty, Daisy D.
Daugherty, Daisy J.
Daugherty, Emily
Daugherty, Eugene
Daugherty, Helen Joe
Daugherty, Isaac A.
Daugherty, James L.
Dougherty, Robert

Davidson, Alex NEW 11/20/2018
Davidson, Anna
Davidson, Tom

Davies, Albert  

Davis, Charles
Davis, John
Davis, Mrs.

Dawe, William  

De Boer, William

De Fausell, Barbara Ann
De Fausell, Jack Ray
De Fausell, Raymond
De Fausell, Zelma (Thompson)   

Dean, Anna   
Dean, Bill   
Dean, Kenneth   

Deininger, J.J.

Dell, Rex  

Demaree, Riley
Demaree, Viola

Derleth, Charles  

Desiderio, Charley  

De Vine, Marcus L.

Dickenson, W.E.

Dix, Jimmy UPDATED 7/12/2018
Dix, Violet UPDATED 7/12/2018  

Dixon, Charles  

Donaldson, Fred

Dougherty, John C.
Dougherty, Martha D.
Dougherty, W.A.
Dougherty, Winnie (Ogden)

Dove, John  

Du Proz, Birdie  
Du Proz, Chauncey  

Ducket, Comrade

Duncan, Walter  


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Easterline, Marguerite NEW 7/17/2018

Eggleston, C.V.
Eggleston, J.H. NEW 11/20/2018
Eggleston, Pauline NEW 11/20/2018

Ekstrom, Mr. NEW 11/20/2018

Eldred, Charles  
Eldred, Florence

Ellison, Phillip  

Elmore, Frank  

Emery, Harold
Emery, Louise
Emery, Mary

Emry, Annette
Emry, Archie
Emry, Basil
Emry, Cora
Emry, Opal
Emry, Helen
Emry, Kenneth
Emry, Robert
Emry, Willard

Engle, W.A.


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Fall, Sam  
Fall, Sherman  

Farmer, Frank
Farmer, Horace

Farrand, Mr.

Farrell, Tom

Fay, Francis W. NEW 11/16/2018
Fay, Mary Harlow NEW 11/16/2018
Fay, Pamela C. NEW 11/16/2018

Field, Ralph UPDATED 1/11/2019

Fischer, William  

Fortell, Ase NEW 6/5/2018
Fortell, Mrs. Ase  

Fox, Comrade NEW 9/7/2018
Fox, Mrs. NEW 9/7/2018

Frahm, Bennie (Brown) UPDATED 7/19/2018
Frahm, Daisie (Brown) UPDATED 7/19/2018
Frahm, Henry UPDATED 7/19/2018
Frahm, Walter UPDATED 7/19/2018

Fread, Alberta  
Fread, Arthur Lee  
Fread, Clara Mae 
Fread, Clarence
Fread, Emory Lee   
Fread, Ida May  
Fread, Lee  
Fread, Myrtle
Fread, Ruby (Oberlitner)  
Fread, Vivian (Parker)  
Fread, Walter
Fread, Warren
Fread, Warren, Jr.  


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Gaddis, Beulah  
Gaddis, Joseph
Gaddis, Louise
Gaddis, Maxine
Gaddis, Victor  

Gamble, M.E.

Gardner, Mr.

Garrett, Anna Shutt  
Garrett, Sextus  

Gaulke, Walter NEW 7/20/2018

Gaylord, Elsa Helen NEW 9/12/2018
Gaylord, Olive NEW 9/12/2018
Gaylord, Oliver NEW 9/12/2018
Gaylord, W.R. NEW 9/12/2018

Gedke, Mr.

Gerber, Sam

Gilbert, Viola (Demaree)
Gilbert, William

Giltner, Paul

Ginsberg, Abe NEW 10/2/2018
Ginsberg, Israel  

Glasscox, Ima  
Glasscox, Vica  

Glavincheff, Josephine
Glavincheff, Marie
Glavincheff, Peter  

Gleason, Ed M.
Gleason, Mrs. Ed

Gleeser, Carl H.  

Goble, Arthur NEW 8/28/2018
Goble, Dolores NEW 8/28/2018
Goble, Donna UPDATED 8/28/2018
Goble, Donna (2nd) NEW 8/28/2018

Goins, Ila  
Goins, Katie Belle  

Goldberg, Herbert  

Goodhue, F.M.  

Goodwin, Arthur  

Gossett, Almira "Mae"   
Gossett, Edith "May"   
Gossett, Frank   

Graves, Leroy
Graves, Mildred S.
Graves, Mildred W.
Graves, Norma

Greenwood, Auther

Gregerson, Mary
Gregerson, Myrtle   

Gregson, Anna  
Gregson, Walter J.   

Groth, Walter   


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Halahan, Mary UPDATED 7/12/2018  

Hall, Covington
Hall, Sam  

Hamel, Alfred UPDATED 6/5/2018
Hamel, Florence (Roe) UPDATED 6/5/2018
Hamel, Margaret

Hanson, Peter

Happel, Bill

Hardy, Agnes
Hardy, Edward W.

Harlow-Fay, Mary NEW 10/8/2018

Harriman, Elizabeth NEW 9/25/2018
Harriman, Job UPDATED 9/25/2018

Harris, Mrs. NEW 11/15/2018

Hartman, S.M.

Hawkins, Cliff  

Hayes, Charley NEW 8/8/2018
Hayes, Erma UPDATED 8/8/2018
Hayes, Helen UPDATED 8/8/2018
Hayes, Leona UPDATED 8/8/2018

Heath, William.  

Hemmann, Fred Jr.
Hemmann, Fred Sr.
Hemmann, Pauline (Cuno)

Hernantz, Russell

Hewerdine, Ero C.  
Hewerdine, Helo H.  
Hewerdine, Leo A.
Hewerdine, Lillian
Hewerdine, Thomas S.

Hewett, Allie Bell
Hewett, B. Wade  
Hewett, Benny Wade, Jr.  
Hewett, Charlotte   
Hewett, Clark
Hewett, Eugene   
Hewett, Irene
Hewett, Minnie
Hewett, Nora (Sinnett)

Hewitt, Phillis  

Hiatt, Edwin J.

Hight, John  

Hoag, Ivy
Hoag, Warren

Hockett, Fred J.

Hoefel, Otto NEW 6/7/2018

Hoffman, Arthur 

Hoffpauir, Elwood NEW 11/15/2018

Hohl, Barney  

Holmgren, Hans  

Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, Delsya
Hopkins, John Henry
Hopkins, Katherine
Hopkins, Leslie

Hoppe, Carl NEW 1/9/2019

Horne, Adeline

Hornby, Edward  
Hornby, George  

Hornef, Dr. S.C.

Horney, Cy  
Horney, John  

Hough, Eugene
Hough, Joe, Jr. NEW 6/7/2018

Howell, Alexander
Howell, F.D.

Hullinger, Annie
Hullinger, George  
Hullinger, Melvina

Hunt, Frank
Hunt, Grace NEW 7/25/2018

Hunter, Jim
Hunter, Mrs. J.H.

Hypes, E.  


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Irwin, Barbara
Irwin, Edith
Irwin, Dr. Samuel
Irwin, Warren


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Jaques, Albert  
Jaques, Albert, Jr.  
Jaques, Alice  
Jaques, Chester  
Jaques, Frank  
Jaques, Ida  
Jaques, Rachel
Jaques, Rachel Mary

Jaufroid, Charles  
Jaufroid, Dora  
Jaufroid, Eveline  
Jaufroid, Louise  
Jaufroid, Theodora  

Jeffries, Anderson  

Jensen, Beatrice    
Jensen, Bondell (Banta)  
Jensen, Christian  
Jensen, Elmer  
Jensen, Fred  
Jensen, George   

Jernberg, Ellen
Jernberg, Elmer
Jernberg, Elsie   
Jernberg, Fredric  
Jernberg, Reka   
Jernberg, Ruth
Jernberg, Will

Jewell, Margaret
Jewell, Martha
Jewell, Myra
Jewell, R.A.

Johnson, Mrs.  
Johnson, Paul D.  

Joynes, Ed  
Joynes, Ernest    
Joynes, Sarah    


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Kapotsy, Albert, Jr. UPDATED 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Albert, Sr. NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Charles NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Emma NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Florence NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Margaret NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Marguerite NEW 10/12/2018
Kapotsy, Richard NEW 10/12/2018

Keeble, Jesse NEW 6/7/2018

Kemp, Bonnie (Mason)
Kemp, Eudora
Kemp, Harold
Kemp, Jimmy
Kemp, Myrtle
Kemp, Nellie
Kemp, Peter

Kempf, Matthew  

Kennedy, Wesley NEW 9/21/2018

Keyes, Isaac S.

Killian, Cletus   
Killian, Dub  
Killian, Edna  
Killian, Marguerite
Killian, William F.  

Kilmer, W.L.

Kimball, Anna  
Kimball, Charles  
Kimball, Ernest  
Kimball, Gladys

Kimmel, Dr. J.P.   

Kingsbury, Ruth    

Kittle, Carl NEW 2/8/2019
Kittle, Robert J. NEW 2/8/2019
Kittle, Robert Jr. NEW 2/8/2019
Kittle, Ruth NEW 2/8/2019
Kittle, Stella NEW 2/8/2019
Kittle, Virginia NEW 2/8/2019

Klahr, Frank
Klahr, John

Klette, Dorothy   
Klette, Samuel   
Klette, Victor   

Klok, Mr.

Kretzschmar, Gustave  


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Lacefield, Wegie H.  

Lamb, J.W.

Landon, Bertha  

Landrum, Theodore  

Lapidus, David  
Lapidus, Irving  

Larsen, O.H.  

Larson, Comrade  

Lasher, Irvin  

Lawrence, Charles  
Lawrence, Charles, Jr.  

Layer, Doris
Layer, Opal (Emry)
Layer, Harry
Layer, Lyle

Lee, Charles NEW 10/17/2018

Leevey, George NEW 11/14/2018

Lennon, Albertine

Lentz, Jane UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, Joe UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, John Nicholas UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, Martha UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, Noel UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, Olive Pearl UPDATED 6/12/2018
Lentz, Phillip

Leonard, (Engineer) NEW 6/8/2018

Lewis, Afton UPDATED 10/23/2018
Lewis, Beldon UPDATED 10/23/2018
Lewis, Ella NEW 10/23/2018
Lewis, H. Claude UPDATED 10/23/2018
Lewis, Jasmine NEW 10/23/2018
Lewis, Lou NEW 10/23/2018
Lewis, Marjory NEW 10/23/2018

Linderman, Miss NEW 11/8/2018

Lindsey, David
Lindsey, Jessie
Lindsey, Robert J.
Lindsey, W.H.

Literal, Emma

Lloyd, Augustus A.

Lockwood, Guy   

Long, A.D.
Long, Clarence  
Long, Claude  
Long, Mrs. Claude  
Long, Ray NEW 10/30/2018

Loupe, Ed  
Loupe, Ivy (Young)  

Loutrel, Anna (Gregson)  
Loutrel, Dorothy  
Loutrel, E.H.
Loutrel, Estelle
Loutrel, Homer  
Loutrel, Ruth  

Low, Ben

Lukko, John NEW 6/7/2018

Luton, Mr.

Lynch, Jim  


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MacDonald, Roy NEW 11/14/2018

Madigan, Andy

Mahler, Carl  
Mahler, Esther  
Mahler, Hulda  
Mahler, Ludwig  
Mahler, Martha  
Mahler, Mrs. Hulda  
Mahler, Wayne  

Maki, George    
Maki, Gertrude   
Maki, Irene  
Maki, Mary   
Maki, Milton  
Maki, Myrtle  
Maki, Willhart  

Maltby, Sarah  
Maltby, Willie

Mansfield, Ed NEW 6/1/2018

Manuel, James L. UPDATED 7/12/2018

Marchick, Mrs. NEW 11/15/2018

Mardfin, Marcus

Marians, Grace NEW 7/25/2018

Mason, Bonnie

Mathewson, Harold

Matyska, C.  
Matyska, Idenka  
Matyska, Martha  

Matz, George
Matz, Mary
Matz, Rocina

Maxwell, C.M.
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, James, Jr.

McClurg, Hamilton H.

McCombs, Mary
McCombs, Paul

McCorkle, Gentry P.

McCullough, Dolly

McDonald, A. James NEW 7/25/2018

McGee, James

McLane, Austin

McLean, Roy  

McMahon, Frank

McSlarrow John NEW 11/28/2018

Merrel, Brooks
Merrel, Mrs. Sidney
Merrel, Sidney

Merrill, Charles
Merrill, J.E.
Merrill, Laura
Merrill, Lena

Mickey, C.C.
Mickey, Katie (Gregerson)

Miller, Beulah
Miller, Charles
Miller, Eveline Jaufroid  
Miller, Garfield  
Miller, James J. NEW 11/27/2018

Mills, Walter Thomas NEW 9/26/2018

Millsap, Walter

Mitchell, Bertie  
Mitchell, Clyde  
Mitchell, Warren  

Mizle, Bettie Lee  
Mizle, Lena  
Mizle, William  

Molenar, Mrs. Peter NEW 11/27/2018
Molenar, Peter NEW 11/27/2018

Mooney, A.J.

Moore, Albert H.  
Moore, Susan  

Morgan, Harry  

Morris, Ida Ann

Mueller, Frank NEW 7/20/2018

Murray, A.M. UPDATED 12/5/2018
Murray, Emma NEW 12/5/2018
Murray, Herman NEW 12/5/2018
Murray, Jack NEW 12/5/2018
Murray, Lafe NEW 10/8/2018
Murray, Loleta NEW 10/8/2018
Murray, Opal NEW 12/5/2018
Murray, Rufus UPDATED 12/5/2018
Murray, Sarah (Brown) UPDATED 12/5/2018
Murray, Sybil NEW 12/5/2018


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Nagel, Ben

Nash, James  
Nash, Josephine (Glavincheff)

Neall, John  
Neall, Katherine

Needham, Alta   
Needham, Oscar  

Nelson, Carl
Nelson, Frank M.
Nelson, Howard  

Nesnow, Harry
Nesnow, Joe  
Nesnow, Maurice  
Nesnow, Ruby (Synoground)

Newman, Frank
Newman, Gertrude (West) 
Newman, Mrs. M.A.
Newman, Ora Etta  NEW 8/28/2018
Newman, William  NEW 8/28/2018

Newton, Eula
Newton, James D.   

Nichols, Harry

Noggle, Joe

Nolan, Bert


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O'Hare, Frank
O'Hare, Kate Richards

Oberlitner, A.J.
Oberlitner, Beatrice (Jensen)    
Oberlitner, Etta UPDATED 1/9/2019
Oberlitner, Lucille NEW 6/7/2018
Oberlitner, Ruby  

Ogden, Archibald
Ogden, Archie
Ogden, Bill
Ogden, Elsie
Ogden, Ernest
Ogden, George  
Ogden, Opal
Ogden, Raymond
Ogden, Winnie

Olberg, Joe

Olsen, A.  
Olsen, Comrade  
Olsen, Serine


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Page, Bill NEW 9/13/2018
Page, Chester C. UPDATED 7/20/2018
Page, Curtis NEW 7/20/2018
Page, George NEW 7/20/2018
Page, Isabell NEW 7/20/2018
Page, Jessie UPDATED 7/20/2018
Page, Leo F. (Watson) NEW 10/25/2018
Page, Ralph NEW 7/20/2018

Palmer, Alfred
Palmer, Curtis
Palmer, Jesse
Palmer, Lile    
Palmer, Lue    
Palmer, Marie    
Palmer, Mary
Palmer, Maxine
Palmer, Ted

Parker, Clarence  
Parker, Mabel  
Parker, Marie  
Parker, Vivian  

Parson, Andrew

Parsons, Fred UPDATED 7/12/2018
Parsons, Romanca
Parsons, Robert UPDATED 7/12/2018
Parsons, Roy UPDATED 7/12/2018
Parsons, Violet (Dix)

Peaterson, Mike  

Peecher, Carl     
Peecher, Chester R.     
Peecher, Dortha        
Peecher, Florine     
Peecher, Frances     
Peecher, Frank        
Peecher, Lyndle    
Peecher, Richard        
Peecher, Robert    
Peecher, Roy    
Peecher, Vera        

Perkins, Betty  
Perkins, Joseph  
Perkins, Margie Lee  
Perkins, Thelma  

Peterson, W.H.

Pewther, Virginia NEW 1/10/2019

Phillips, Mr.

Pickett, Alice (Bridger)   
Pickett, Blair   
Pickett, George T.
Pickett, Gordon
Pickett, Mary
Pickett, Minnie

Pincus, Doris  
Pincus, Jean  
Pincus, Pauline  

Plaga, Frank  

Plumb, Ralph  

Porter, Blanch   

Potter, Cora NEW 11/13/2018
Potter, Lloyd UPDATED 11/13/2018

Prudhon, Ernest  

Pyatt, William


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Quinton, Bill UPDATED 6/5/2018

Quipp, Frank  
Quipp, Franklin   
Quipp, Genevieve   
Quipp, Harry   
Quipp, Ione   
Quipp, Joy   
Quipp, Mona   
Quipp, Paul   
Quipp, Quentin
Quipp, Rosella   
Quipp, Sidney   
Quipp, Violet   


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Rahn, Frank NEW 11/27/2018

Raicoff, Anna
Raicoff, James
Raicoff, Martha

Rand, Doc

Randant, Fred NEW 6/7/2018

Ranft, Edward   

Reddy, Charles

Renick, Harry

Reynolds, John  
Reynolds, Violet  

Rhodes, J.C.

Ribbing, Augusta  
Ribbing, Harry  
Ribbing, John Herman  

Rice, Dave   

Richards, Chemist  

Richter, Adolph
Richter, Bertha
Richter, Bobby
Richter, Elsie
Richter, Fred
Richter, Juanita

Rickez, Earnest  

Ridgeway, Harry  

Ridgway, Emma  
Ridgway, Richard "Rollie"  

Rix, John B.   

Robinson, Harry  

Robison, Walter  

Roe, Ben UPDATED 7/12/2018
Roe, Florence
Roe, Frances
Roe, Lucille
Roe, Mary (Halahan)  UPDATED 7/12/2018
Roe, Robert
Roe, Walter
Roe, Warren

Roedemeister, Louis

Rogers, Guy
Rogers, Lynn
Rogers, Nell
Rogers, Volney

Rohr, Louis  

Romano, Frank
Romano, Mrs. Frank

Roscoe, Leo Sylvester  

Rosenburg, F. NEW 11/27/2018
Rosenburg, Joe NEW 11/27/2018

Rowe, Earl

Rude, Judson Raymond


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Sanford, DeForest  
Sanford, Marvin  
Sanford, Muriel  

Satnan, Al

Schaefer, John D.

Schindler, Pete

Schnitzer, Llano

Schow, Mr.  

Schutz, Carl
Schutz, Crystal
Schutz, Jane

Seelye, Margaret
Seelye, Mildred NEW 10/1/2018

Self, Elliott 
Self, Hortense   
Self, Mrs. NEW 11/21/2018
Self, Wanda

Shelston, Frank R.   

Shepard, Albert   
Shepard, Bessie   

Sherman, Alford   

Shipman, Bessie (Casey) NEW 7/25/2018
Shipman, Will   

Shoemaker, Anna (Shutt)  
Shoemaker, Hope   
Shoemaker, Isom  
Shoemaker, Maud   
Shoemaker, R.V.  
Shoemaker, Ruth   
Shoemaker, Ward  

Shutt, Anna  
Shutt, Clarence  
Shutt, Emma  
Shutt, Leroy  
Shutt, Mrs. K.B.  
Shutt, Will A.

Silberman, Joe

Sinnett, Nora

Skinner, Jim  
Skinner, Will Anna  

Slaughter, Joe  

Smith, Fannie
Smith, R.L.

Snell, A.F.

Snyder, Bob  
Snyder, George NEW 9/7/2018
Snyder, Mary NEW 9/7/2018

Sontag, Alice

Sorrell, William  

Stanley, Dennis F.   

Stansbury, Howard   

Stearns, G.W.A.
Stearns, Mrs. G.W.A.

Steinmetz, Mr. NEW 6/8/2018

Stephens, Gertrude   

Stevens, Bernie UPDATED 6/5/2018
Stevens, Cora  
Stevens, George  
Stevens, H.J.
Stevens, Leona (Hayes)

Stewart, A.A.
Stewart, Larry

Still, Anna
Still, Craig
Still, Mentley
Still, Tom
Still, William

Storman, Alford  

Stoveall, Edward H.   

Straub, Helen  

Strauss, Charles

Sullivan, J.R.

Svenson, Elma (Wooster)
Svenson, Victor

Swanson, Mrs.
Swanson, Otto

Sweiger, John  

Swenson, Carl  
Swenson, Chas.
Swenson, Chester  
Swenson, Clyde  
Swenson, Earl  
Swenson, Emily  
Swenson, Eugene   ;
Swenson, Florence "Evelyn"   ;
Swenson, Helen (Hayes)   
Swenson, Hope (Shoemaker)   
Swenson, James   ;
Swenson, Laura (Synoground)   
Swenson, Roy  

Swilley, Sena (Goins Nash)  

Synoground, Buddy
Synoground, Clifford
Synoground, Laura   
Synoground, Lillie
Synoground, Mabel
Synoground, Ole  
Synoground, Ruby

Szpila, John


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Tabb, Anna  
Tabb, Lenin    

Tackett, Charles  
Tackett, Fred  
Tackett, Leolia  
Tackett, Olive  
Tackett, Vinson  

Taylor, George

Tefteller, Charles
Tefteller, Leonidas B. UPDATED 11/8/2018

Terrault, Mr.

Thomas, Blair
Thomas, C.S.  
Thomas, George K.  
Thomas, Gladys (Kimball)
Thomas, Guy
Thomas, Harry
Thomas, Levi  
Thomas, Lloyd C.  
Thomas, Mary  
Thomas, Mary (Keith) NEW 6/5/2018

Thomason, Aldena (Carlson)   
Thomason, O.M.   

Thompson, Cecil  
Thompson, Lois  
Thompson, Royall  
Thompson, Zelma   

Thurman, Kenneth  
Thurman, Vinita NEW 10/1/2018
Thurman, W.L.

Tuber, Meyer   
Tuber, Ruth   
Tuber, Sylvia   

Turner, Joe  
Turner, Mrs.  

Turnwall, Mr.

Tyler, Helen R.


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Upton, G.N.  


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Vallat, Frank   

Valek, Gertrude (Benthall)   
Valek, Joseph   

Valleau, Adam  
Valleau, Erwin  
Valleau, Rachel  

Van Antwerp, Mrs. NEW 11/21/2018

Van Buskirk, Carl
Van Buskirk, Madeline (Bradshaw)

Van Etten, Ivy NEW 9/26/2108

Van Nuland, Anton  
Van Nuland, John
Van Nuland, Maud (Shoemaker)  

Voorhees, Arthur
Voorhees, Ella (Demaree)


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Wacherman, Albert  
Wacherman, Charlie  

Wall, Francis  
Wall, John  
Wall, Lois  
Wall, Omar  
Wall, Roberta  

Wallace, Mrs.  

Ware, Comrade  
Ware, Wanda NEW 11/13/2018

Warren, Mr.

Waters, Bettie
Waters, Forrest NEW 6/7/2018
Waters, Fred
Waters, Mrs. Fred
Waters, Rachel
Waters, Rezin E. UPDATED 6/12/2018

Watson, Arlene NEW 10/25/2018
Watson, Leo Frances NEW 10/25/2018
Watson, Sylvester UPDATED 10/25/2018

Waves, Anna  
Waves, Joe  
Waves, Joe, Jr.  

Weatherwax, Elizabeth UPDATED 9/14/2018
Weatherwax, Harry UPDATED 9/14/2018

Webb, Ernest G.  

Weislander, Mr. S. NEW 11/20/2018

Wells, Ranny

Welsh, Hazel

West, Cora (Beals)

Whidden, Mr.

White, Bob
White, Cecil  
White, Etta NEW 6/1/2018

Wichmann, Albert
Wichmann, Charles  
Wichmann, Elizabeth  

Wick, Albert  

Wilkerson, Anna Belle
Wilkerson, Earl
Wilkerson, Frances
Wilkerson, Gladys
Wilkerson, Irene
Wilkerson, Louise

Will, Frances
Will, John  
Will, Lois  
Will, Oramil  
Will, Roberta 

Williams, Burrell
Williams, Dr. Cecil
Williams, John
Williams, Dr. Robert K.  

Wilson, Alma
Wilson, D.J. UPDATED 6/20/2018
Wilson, Mary Erma

Winegar, Joe  

Wisely, Edgar  
Wisely, George  

Wolfe, Frank E.

Wolkeau, Jacob  
Wolkeau, Jeane  
Wolkeau, Leo  

Woods, Mr.

Wooley, Alonzo "Tot" NEW 9/17/2018
Wooley, Dan UPDATED 9/7/2018
Wooley, Dorothy NEW 1/4/2019
Wooley, H.D.  
Wooley, Jeannette
Wooley, Jennie   
Wooley, Joan  
Wooley, Ross
Wooley, Ruth

Wooster, Elma
Wooster, Ernest
Wooster, Jeannette
Wooster, Pearl

Wright, Mary E.  
Wright, Wes NEW 8/3/2018
Wright, Will  


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Yeldell, Anna  
Yeldell, Comrade  

Yost, H. Claude  
Yost, Inez (Caves)  
Yost, William     

Young, Flora    
Young, Florence (Anderson)  
Young, Howard    
Young, Ivy    
Young, Lily    
Young, Sidney    


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Zeuch, William E.  

Zimmerman, Augusta  
Zimmerman, J.  
Zimmerman, William  

Hungry, destitute people arrived every day, seeking a safe haven. "By 1932, one of every four workers was unemployed. Banks failed and life savings were lost, leaving many Americans destitute." Library of Congress,

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