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John Rice Allred Alternate spelling Alred

Birth: He was born in 1908 in Texas.  

Family Information: Son of Charles and Etha Allred.

Brother of Claude Allred.

He married Melvina Hullinger in September 1931 while living in the colony.

In June 1932 "the newest colonist" (their daughter) was born. They named her Anna May Allred - "the mother [was] doing well, the father [was] happy and all [was] fine."  


Pre-Colony History: On the 1910, 1920 and 1930 census he was living in Texas with his parents and siblings.

He and his parents came to the colony in early 1931; at some point Claude also joined them.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In early 1931 he was helping Comrade Crawford set fence posts on the Harriman Circle and helping Leon Caves "work on the Anacoco (Creek) road and put it in fine condition so that the hauling of lumber [could] go on rain or shine."

Later that year he was working as a fireman -- gathering up wood all over the place and hauling it to the power plant.

In September 1931 one hundred fifty sacks of beans and peas were picked in the forenoon by a volunteer crew of men, women and children. The crowd gathered a little after 7 am and was divided into different crews to look after different fields; by 11:30 the job was done. Volunteers included: Killian, Butts, Lloyd, Baldwin, Waters, Doc Williams, Quentin, Fred Busick, Roscoe Busick, Byron Busick, Vivian Busick, Graves, Webb, John Allred, Melvina Hullinger, Fred Levan, Goeke, Eldred, Tom Farrell, Claud Allred, Earl Swenson, Mackie, Frank Collins, George Collins, Boydelatour, Cleve Campbell, Mr. Caves, Clarence Long, Harry Rennick, Dee Kurtz, Pittman, Edminster, Walter Fread, Clarence Fread, Mrs. Herron, Woodruff, J.W. Gilbert, H.M. Wood, Winegar, Bert Moore, Lindwall, Ole Synoground, Rohr, Carnahan, Hoens, Mrs. Wooley, John Neill, Robert Roe, Warren Roe, Nesnow, Bartrum and B. Stevens.

In 1932 he was delivering ice to Leesville. Also in March he hauled in wood from a big wood-chopping crew cutting wood east of Leesville.  

Other Info: In 1931 he played for the colony baseball team -- he played left field in June in a game against Alco which the colony team won. He played shortstop during a game in August at Alco -- the "Llano Nine" for that game consisted of Red Richey at pitcher, Dub Killian at catcher, Leon Caves at first base, Carl Van Buskirk at second, Bill Beavers at third, "Tip" Allred at shortstop, Doc Reynolds at left field, Milton Maki at center field and Clarence Shutt in right field. The boys declared it was a rotten game.

He and Melvina returned early in 1932 from western Texas, where they had been visiting relatives for some time. He and Blair Thomas were working on car repairs soon afterward.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 he, Melvina, and their two children were living in Texas while he worked as a laborer on a farm.  

Death: He died at East Texas Tuberculosis Hospital in 1970.  

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Bennie Wade Hewitt, John Daugherty, John Alred, Dub Killian, Cletus Killian
(L to R) Bennie Wade Hewitt, John Daugherty, John Alred, (Dub) Killian, Cletus Killian.

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