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Louis Bergold


Family Information:  


Pre-Colony History: In November 1927 he wrote a letter which was published in the "Llano Colonist" stating that he would "like nothing better than to be living in the colony. He felt he could be of some value as he had an understanding from practical experience of Horticulture and Vitaculture and an understanding of what Llano stood for." In December 1927 he was living in Oregon and was a new subscriber to the "Colonist."

In April 1928 he arrived in the colony, and it was reported that he was from Washington state. He was "an experienced man in orchards and gardens and brot [sic] his tools with him and was ready to get on the job at once."  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In April 1928 the orchard crew included Hewett, Atworth, Bergold, Linkletter, Mardfin, Hough and Gregson.

In June 1928 the orchard crew, including Bergold, Mardfin, Gregson, Atworth, Hough and Rosenberg, were looking after the orchards and picking plums. New trees had been planted, though budding and grafting was to be done later, and crops had been planted between the trees and a new vineyard had been started.

Later that month, Roe and Bergold turned their teams over to Tom Davidson, the farm manager, who was making good use of them in the farm fields.

Also in June 1928 he, Barron, Mrs. Busick and her crew of kiddies picked the berry patch. Also helping with the berry picking were Mrs. Rogers and McLane. By the end of June only Bergold and Elmer Jensen were left of the orchard crew as all the rest were helping on the farms.  

Other Info: At a theater program in May 1928 Kenneth Thurman sang a song accompanied by Dixon on the piano. Comrade Bergold lectured on "The Basis of Plant Life." Two songs by Dixon in Irish dialect closed a most enjoyable evening's entertainment.

In June 1928 he (being German and from Oregon) visited the Rice Ranch, along with Rasmussen (Dane) and wife of Kansas City; Rosenberg (German) of Washington State; V. Svehla (Bohemian) of Ohio; Peter Borg (Norwegian) of Alaska; and McLane of somewhere in the universe.

Also that month one of the entertainments at the theater included music by the orchestra; two sailor songs by Dixon with orchestra accompaniment; a song by Kenneth Thurman, followed by a trumpet and piano duett by Raymond de Fausell and Max Beavers; and in conclusion Comrade Louis Bergold delivered an eloquent and laudatory address upon the methods and achievements of Luther Burbank, with whom he had worked for a number of years.  

Post-Colony History: In November 1932 he was living in Roseburg, Oregon and spoke to a group at Co-operative Farm. He gave a good description of Llano and Commonwealth College. Other former colonists at the meeting were Comrades Hanson and Morgan.  


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