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Lois Brattland

Birth: She was born in July 1911 or 1912.  

Family Information: Daughter of Mabel and M.A. Brattland.

Sister of Armond Brattland.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Minnesota with her parents and brother, Armond.  

Home in Colony: In March 1929 the family moved into the little house where Violet Dix had been living after Violet and her sister had gone together into the Rogers house.  

Job in Colony: Helped out wherever she was needed.  

Other Info:

In 1929 she was part of a program at the theater and a senior member of the Glee Club along with Jennie Black, Hope Shoemaker, Kathleen Bridwell, Florence Aiton, Beatrice Jensen, Ruth Shoemaker, Margaret Hamel, Bonnie Enfield, Allie Belle Hewitt and Laura Synoground.

In April 1929 she sang alto as a member of the Senior Glee Club along with Gertrude Maki, Laura Synoground, Allie Belle Hewitt and Bonnie Enfield; first sopranos included: Kathleen Bridwell, Zelma De Fausell, Hope Shoemaker and Jennie Black; and second soprano was sung by Ruth Shoemaker, Blanch Porter, Beatrice Jensen, Ruth Kingsbury and Florence Aiton.

In June 1929 the parish superintendent presented diplomas to the graduates of grade school including: Allie Belle Hewitt, Lois Brattland, June Enfield, Ruth Kingsbury, Paul Ashlock, Caleb Ashlock, John Armacost, Jesse Armacost, Roslyn Armacost, Elmer Jensen, Roy Swenson, Royal Thompson, Fred Busick, Robert Roe, Cletus Killian and Pauline Eggleston.

Post-Colony History: In April, 1929 the Brattlands returned to Minnesota after spending a winter at Llano. Mr. Brattland was a judge of the District Court there and had to get back to "the wheels of justice." The family did have plans to return in the fall and establish permanent residence in the colony, although this appears not to have happened. There is no further mention of them in the colony papers except for a trip in 1933 made by several colonists to Ada, Minnesota, which included a visit to the Brattland's home and the regular renewal of their subscription to the "Colonist".

In 1930 and 1940 she still lived in Minnesota with her parents while her brother and his family lived in the house next door.

Sometime before 1948 she moved to Long Beach, California and remained there until her death. Her brother and his family appear to have moved there around the same time and lived nearby. In 1948 she was registered as a Democrat living in Los Angeles, California; in 1954 she registered as a Republican.  

Death: She died in California in April 1968.  

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Newllano Highschool Girls Glee Club
Newllano Highschool Girls Glee Club. Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated April 13, 1929.

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