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Mr. Briggs


Family Information: Married to Patty Briggs.

Father of Baby Boy Briggs.  

Description: "Briggs is one of those people who philosophize thus: Make the best of what you've got where you are. Maybe, he says, land is better over in Texas, maybe it's richer in the Red River bottom or perhaps the 'Sugar Bowl' will produce more luxuriantly -- but we are not in any one of those places, we are here..."  

Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1932 he and Comrade Huey were "surveying terraces of the bench variety, which when properly done and kept up, w[ould] stop the washing away of soil and prevent the leeching out of the fertilizer and mineral salts." He had been "badly handicapped for want of sufficient horse power; when adequately equipped with necessary draft animals, terracing of these hills and the rolling wave-like ground [would have been] prosecuted steadily and [would've paid] big dividends in the long run."

The Briggs family lived on a hilltop which Mr. Briggs "terraced" -- each terrace had a slope of six inches towards the hill, not away from the hill, which he felt would allow for no washing of the soil and quick drainage.  

Job in Colony: In 1931 he and his wife were in charge of the school of Apiculture. Also that year they volunteered to help with tearing down Cravens, Louisiana, where colonists were salvaging materials from the old sawmill town.

In January 1931 he was doing cabinet work along with Kittle, Thomas and Parsons.

In September of that year he was put in charge of the carpenters and the building work.  

Other Info: His vision for the Bee Foundry was to plant the most wonderful garden and small fruit orchard nearby which would of course thrive with the activity of the bees while they gathered their pollen to make the most delicious honey. He expected the unit would also include workshops for building bee supplies.  

Post-Colony History:  


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