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Mrs. Bessie (Casey) Shipman


Family Information: In October 1930 it was reported that Will Shipman married Mrs. Casey while he was living at the Rice Ranch. After the wedding, Sam Klette and the reporter (Aunt Anne) helped them celebrate by going to Jennings, Louisiana with them for supper.  


Pre-Colony History: Was a new arrival at the Rice Ranch in September, 1930.  

Home in Colony: After their marriage, the couple moved into the house "down the lane where the Newtons live." This must have been near the Rice Ranch because in July it was reported they were "up to the Rice Ranch for potatoes, peaches and other supplies."

In August 1931 they moved to the main colony.

In December 1932 those living at the Isle of Cuba Plantation (near Thibodeaux, LA) included: Sam Hall, Harry Morgan, Henry and Bennie Frahm, Beldon Lewis, F. Gossett, John Horney, Roy McLean, Mrs. Swilley and Mr. and Mrs. Perkins with their four children.

By the end of the month, the group had added Mrs. Gossett, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shipman, Albert Wicks, Dolly McCullough, Jim Nash, Earl Swenson and Ranny Wells.  

Job in Colony: In 1931 she was cleaning vegetables in the hotel dining room. She was part of the regular kitchen crew in October 1931 led by Anna Raicoff and including Mrs. Bonnie Kemp, Mrs. Thelma Perkins, Bea Jensen, Lucille Oberlitner, Mrs. Ruby Fread, Mrs. Bess Shipman, Mrs. Anna Shutt (sic), and Anton Kurtz who was on the pots.

In 1932 she was living at the Isle of Cuba where she, Mrs. Swilley and Mrs. Gossett would be doing the cooking and housework.

In 1933 she was running the mangles at the laundry. In November of that year, she and Mrs. DuProz were left to look after the laundry alone when John Dougherty had to help out with the ice truck deliveries.

In November she and her husband accompanied Ross Brannon and George Collins to Kurthwood where the colony had purchased some buildings which were being torn down for the lumber. 

Other Info: In February 1931 she and Bill came to the colony from the Rice Ranch for a visit. In June she again came to visit, this time accompanying Septer Baldwin.

In September 1931, she and her husband, along with his sister Anna Kimball and her two children -- Gladys and Ernest, attended a reception at the Roof Garden where they enjoyed cards, music, dancing and refreshments.  

Post-Colony History:  


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