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Daisy Dora Daugherty Alternate spelling Dougherty

Birth: She was born in 1875 at Iowa.  

Family Information: Wife of James L. Daugherty.

Mother of Robert, Daisy, Eugene and Helen Joe Daugherty.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was living with her husband and four children in Texas where he worked as a farmer.

In 1920 she and James were living in New Mexico with five of their children while he worked as a farmer.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In September 1928 he was on the college faculty along with: Lowell H. Coate - Superintendent and instructor in Sociology, Economics and Public Education; E.C. Bennett - English and History; Benjamin Roe - Scientific Agriculture; Guy F. Rogers - Mathematics; Eugene Hough - Psychology; F. Hamel - Spanish, German and Latin; Mary Erma Wilson - Voice and Piano; R.B. Snyder - Director of Orchestra, Wind and Stringed Instruments, Chorus and Ensemble; Geo. T. Pickett - Industrial Science; Daisy Daugherty Domestic Science; Edna Mae Coffin - Manual Art, Sculpture and Architectural Drawing; Austin McLane - Journalism; Nell Rogers - Botany; Hope Shoemaker - Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping; Mr. Daugherty - Intermediate Grades; Mrs. A.E. Bennet - Primary Grades; Esther Allen - Health and Hygiene; Mary H. Atworth - Librarian and Instructor in the Art of Expression; Anna Tabb - School Nurse, Dr. J.P. Kimmel - College Physician; Alice Pickett - Girls Counselor; Theodore Atworth - Oil and Watercolor Art; Alma Wilson Bell - Dramatic Art.

In August 1931 the laundry crew included the Mesdames Synoground, Dora Kemp, J.L. Dougherty, Van Antwerp, Self, Dix and the Misses Hortense Self and Jeannette Wooley

Other Info: In April 1929 she attended a birthday party held for Billie Busick (five years old) and Charlotte Hewitt (turning four) at the home of Mrs. Minnie Hewitt.  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 they were living in Pampa, Texas with their youngest daughter. James was working as a laborer doing hospital odd jobs and Daisy was a housekeeper at a hospital.

In 1940 she and James were still living in Pampa, Texas -- now with their daughter, Daisy -- and he wasn't working but Daisy worked as a dressmaker.  

Death: She died in 1940 and was buried at Fairview Cemetery at Pampa, Texas.  

Sources: US Census: 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940; "Llano Colonist": September 15, 1928, April 27, 1929, August 15, 1931;  


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