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Helen Joe Daugherty Alternate spelling Dougherty

Birth: She was born in 1918 at New Mexico.  

Family Information:

Daughter of Daisy D. and James L. Daugherty.

Sister of Robert, Daisy and Eugene.


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living with her parents and siblings in New Mexico where her father worked as a farmer.

In May 1928 Comrade Daugherty and two sons, Gene and Robert, recently from New Mexico, but at the time living 40 miles south of the colony, visited the colony and found that it looked so good to them that Baldwin took a truck and brought the family back to the colony that very day.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In July 1928 the girls on the junior part of the canning crew included: Ruth Shoemaker, Captain, Vivian Busick, Irene Hewitt, Rhea Mae Baldwin, Iris Busick and Helen Daugherty.

In March 1929 the lunch was prepared and handed out by Margaret Hamel, Helen Joe Daugherty, and Miss Eggleston.

In July 1931 the veneer plant was going in full force with Johnny Dougherty, Long, Ole Synoground, Carl Bradshaw, George Jensen, Slaughter, Ray Bradshaw, Fred Hamel, Hoag and Roede on the job; as well as Bennie Brown, Jimmie Brown, Helen Joe Dougherty, Lucille Oberlitner, Rhea Mae Baldwin, George Maki and Jimmie Dix.

Also in July 1931 she and Dorothy Layer [sic] looked after the dining room during breakfast. In August of that year, breakfast was served by Verda Bradshaw, Bonnie Kemp, Lucille Oberlitner and Helen Joe Daugherty.  

Other Info: She was often part of the program at the theater. In 1928 she spoke on Education during a program at the colony; that was followed by the song "Old Kentucky Home" sung by a group of girls including: Helen Joe, Iris Busick, Mary Gregorson, Myrtle Gregorson, Lynn Rogers and Vivian Busick.

In April 1929 she attended a birthday party held for Billie Busick (five years old) and Charlotte Hewitt (turning four) at the home of Mrs. Minnie Hewitt. In June 1929 she and Vivian Busick presented some highly artistic dancing, accompanied by orchestral music.

She attended Llano's second reception of 1931 in July of that year; she also attended the children's reception later that month.  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was living with her husband, D.F. Smith in Pampa, Texas and working as a stenographer in a tax collector's office.

In 1970 her name was changed to Helen Joe Walker at the US Social Security office.  

Death: She died in 2000 at Fort Worth, Texas and was buried in Greenwood Memorial Park and Mausoleum at Fort Worth, Texas.  

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Photo is labeled (spelled as labeled): "Grammar School - Clarence Fread, Myrtle Fread, Byrn Busick, Iris Busick, Vivian Busick, Reah Mae Baldwin, Lin Rogers, Mary Gregson, Helen Joe Dougherty, Warren Shoemaker, Myrtle Gregson".

Laundry Crew - Back Row (L to R) Mrs. Ole, Mickey, Laura Synoground, Allie Belle Hewitt, Dora Kemp; Front Row (L to R) Irene, Vivian and Helen Joe.

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