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Isaac A. Daugherty Alternate spelling Dougherty

Birth: He was born in 1859 at Indiana.  

Family Information: Husband of Emily Dougherty.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1860 he was living in Indiana with his parents and siblings. In 1880 they were still living in Indiana and Isaac was working as a laborer.

In 1891 he married Emily Hardesty at Indiana. In 1910 they were living in Oklahoma with their son, Eugene, and a nephew, George Hardesty. Isaac was working as a teacher.

In 1920 he and Emily were still living in Oklahoma and he was a professor at a public school.

In November 1928 he came from Welling, Oklahoma to take up the work of teaching at the colony schools.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He taught the Junior High School in the forenoons and Commercial Geography at the High School in the afternoon.

In September 1928 she was on the college faculty along with: Lowell H. Coate - Superintendent and instructor in Sociology, Economics and Public Education; E.C. Bennett - English and History; Benjamin Roe - Scientific Agriculture; Guy F. Rogers - Mathematics; Eugene Hough - Psychology; F. Hamel - Spanish, German and Latin; Mary Erma Wilson - Voice and Piano; R.B. Snyder - Director of Orchestra, Wind and Stringed Instruments, Chorus and Ensemble; Geo. T. Pickett - Industrial Science; Daisy Daugherty Domestic Science; Edna Mae Coffin - Manual Art, Sculpture and Architectural Drawing; Austin McLane - Journalism; Nell Rogers - Botany; Hope Shoemaker - Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping; Mr. Daugherty - Intermediate Grades; Mrs. A.E. Bennet - Primary Grades; Esther Allen - Health and Hygiene; Mary H. Atworth - Librarian and Instructor in the Art of Expression; Anna Tabb - School Nurse, Dr. J.P. Kimmel - College Physician; Alice Pickett - Girls Counselor; Theodore Atworth - Oil and Watercolor Art; Alma Wilson Bell - Dramatic Art.

Other Info: In 1928 he was one of the founding members of the local Conscientious Objectors Union; Theodore Atworth served as the first Secretary-Treasurer with O.E. Enfield serving as the President. The organization was planned to be international, composed of people who refused to go to war as a matter of conscience. Charter members included: Theodore Atworth, Mary H. Atworth, Emily H. Dougherty, I.A. Dougherty, Carl H. Gleeser, S. Weislander, Charlie C. Black, John Hight, Lowell H. Coate, W.A. Shutt, F.O. Jernberg, Reka Jernberg, Anna Tabb, Peter Kemp, F. Rosenburg, B. Wade Hewitt, Hamilton H. McClurg, W.J. Hoag, Theodore F. Landrum, C.N. Butts, Mary Snyder, George Snyder, Anna Garrett, Emma Shutt, M.A. Brattland, Richard P. Condon, Jr., Emily Swenson, W.J. Newman, George T. Pickett, Raymond DeFausell, S.E. Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Molenar, Earl L. Bosch, Guy F. Rogers, Ora E. Newman, James J. Miller, Bert Busick, Mabel D. Busick, Ole Synoground, C.C. Mickey, Fred A. Jensen, Katie Mickey, F. Rahn and Isaac H. Keyes.  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 he was living in Oklahoma with his wife, Emily, and he was a farmer on a fruit farm.  

Death: He died in 1935 and was buried at Boudinot Cemetery at Tahlequah, Oklahoma.  

Sources: US Census: 1860, 1880, 1910, 1920, 1930; Indiana Marriages; "Llano Colonist": September 15, 1928, September 22, 1928, November 3, 1928, December 22, 1928;  


Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated September 22, 1928.

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