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Beulah (Gaddis Beavers) Davidson

Birth: She was born in 1907 in Nevada.  

Family Information:

Daughter of Joseph and Louise Gaddis.

Sister of Maxine and Victor Gaddis.

In August 1925 she married Max Beavers.


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony:

In April of 1922 she was part of a group of girls working in the Kid Kolony kitchen which included Beulah Gaddis, Margaret Seelye, Mildred Seelye, Rose Belorahdsky, Dora Cryer and Laura Merrill -- "as fine a bunch of girls as can be found anywhere in the world".

She also helped out at the candy shop along with Mildred Seelye, Beulah Miller, Margaret Seelye, Mabel Synoground and Chas. Miller.

Plus she worked in the cafeteria -- shelling peanuts, setting tables, getting dinner together and washing dishes -- along with Albert Kapotsy, Alice Jaques, John Dougherty, Ruby Synoground, Laura Merrill, Laura Synoground, Margaret Seelye, Emma Kapotsy, Vinita Thurman, Nellie Kemp, Margaret Kapotsy, Rachel Jaques and Dora Cryer.

Other Info: Rumor has it that Beulah is the model for our semi-nude painting done by artist Grace Marians which is on display in the museum.  

Post-Colony History: She left the colony with her family around 1930 and moved to Illinois. They kept in touch with colonists by sending letters and donations.

In 1930 she was living in Illinois with her parents, brother, and John Dougherty, who was a boarder, and she was working as a stenographer.

In 1934 she married Alex Davidson in Cook County, Illinois. In 1940 she and Alex, along with their daughter, were living in Pennsylvania.  

Death: She died in 1994 and was buried at Penn Lincoln Memorial Park in Pennsylvania.  

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Beulah and Victor Gaddis in Chicago.

(L to R) Victor and Beulah Gaddis with John Daugherty in Chicago.

Beulah and Alex Davidson, September 26, 1934

(L to R) Louise and Joseph Gaddis, Nellie (Kemp) and Paul Bradshaw, Victor and June Gaddis, Alex and Beulah (Gaddis) Davidson - July, 1953, Chicago.

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