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Margaret Hamel


Family Information: Daughter of Alfred "Fred" Hamel.

Her father married Florence (Roe) Hamel and she became her step-daughter.

Step-sister of Robert, Warren, Walter, Frances and Lucille Roe


Pre-Colony History: She and her father were listed as new members in late 1928.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1928 she was loading lumber on wagons half a day, plus doing "stenog" work in the afternoons.

In March 1929 the lunch was prepared and handed out by Margaret Hamel, Helen Joe Daugherty, and Miss Eggleston.  

Other Info: Part of the program at the theater; A senior member of the Glee Club.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: Llano Colonist: December 29, 1928, March 23, 1929, April 13, 1929; Vernon Parish Democrat: February 28, 1929


The Newllano Highschool Glee Club. Clipping from the "Llano Colonist" dated April 13, 1929.

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