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Otto Hoefel


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Job in Colony: In December 1935 Frank Quipp coaxed the old "farm-all" into working so a crew could thresh the peanuts, providing between 75 and 80 bushels of the 'goobers'. The crew consisted of Hoefel, Fortall, Bill Brough and Quentin.

In September 1937 Pickett was again in charge of colony affairs and he encouraged everyone to immediately begin planting as much as possible since immediate food production was paramount to the survival of the colony. Pickett stated that he would ensure the entire "Garden Forty" was plowed and disked, but asked every colonist to plant 1-2 acres each with fall crops. Otto Hoeffel, head of gardening agreed that the plan was a hit with him. Cy Horney and J.R. Rude immediately accepted responsibility for their plots.  

Other Info: In February 1937 he met with several interested colonists to discuss garden needs that were soon going to need to be met. Also in attendance were Boyd Bartlett, Israel Ginsberg, Ted Landrum, Forrest Waters, Ed Mansfield, E.O. Joynes, and Mr. Hayman of Leesville.  

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Sources: Llano Colonist: December 7, 1935, February 13, 1937, September 11, 1937  


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