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Clarence "Skinny" Long


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Job in Colony: In September 1931 one hundred fifty sacks of beans and peas were picked in the forenoon by a volunteer crew of men, women and children. The crowd gathered a little after 7 am and was divided into different crews to look after different fields; by 11:30 the job was done. Volunteers included: Killian, Butts, Lloyd, Baldwin, Waters, Doc Williams, Quentin, Fred Busick, Roscoe Busick, Byron Busick, Vivian Busick, Graves, Webb, John Allred, Melvina Hullinger, Fred Levan, Goeke, Eldred, Tom Farrell, Claud Allred, Earl Swenson, Mackie, Frank Collins, George Collins, Boydelatour, Cleve Campbell, Mr. Caves, Clarence Long, Harry Rennick, Dee Kurtz, Pittman, Edminster, Walter Fread, Clarence Fread, Mrs. Herron, Woodruff, J.W. Gilbert, H.M. Wood, Winegar, Bert Moore, Lindwall, Ole Synoground, Rohr, Carnahan, Hoens, Mrs. Wooley, John Neill, Robert Roe, Warren Roe, Nesnow, Bartrum and B. Stevens.

In January 1932 he was part of a group including Leo Roscoe, Geo. Jensen and Banks sawing heavy timbers to shore over a driveway to the filling station.

In 1935, he, Bert Busick and Ike Jensen were bringing loads of logs back to the colony that had lain on the skidway of the Anacoco Creek Mill; the logs were sawn into fine lumber to be used for crate-making.

In November 1935 he was the driller at Llano Number 3.  

Other Info: In November 1935 he underwent an operation for the removal of his appendix. Dr. Reid, of the Leesville Hospital, performed the operation, which was successfully accomplished. Later in the day "Skinny" was reported as doing as well as could be expected.  

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