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Claude Long


Family Information: Married to Mrs. Claude Long.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In May 1931 he, Horney and Ike Jensen were attending to the power plant which kept all the machinery of the colony moving.

Later in 1931 he was working at the power plant along with Will Shipman, keeping the boilers steamed up to supply all the departments with an abundance of power.

In July 1931 the veneer plant was going in full force with Johnny Dougherty, Long, Ole Synoground, Carl Bradshaw, George Jensen, Slaughter, Ray Bradshaw, Fred Hamel, Hoag and Roede on the job; as well as Bennie Brown, Jimmie Brown, Helen Joe Dougherty, Lucille Oberlitner, Rhea Mae Baldwin, George Maki and Jimmie Dix.

Later worked on the oil well; in 1932 had to pause the drilling for oil when he ran out of wood for the boiler. In December of 1933 he was riding the oil well truck atop a load of derrick material along with other Sunday volunteers including Alonzo Woolley, Frank Bowling, Ralph Page, Charles Bates, Sylvester Watson and Raymond Campbell.

In December 1933 Claude, Leo Roscoe, Cecil Thompson and Fred Busick began tearing down the rig at No. 2; the lumber would be salvaged and put to use again as good as new. Roy Parsons went along in his usual capacity -- that of first-class cook.  

Other Info: In October 1931 an old-time musical melange was gotten up by Bill Killian, who played alto on his fiddle while Comrade Banks, who is an old-time showman, played the first fiddle, Les Caves strummed the guitar and Claud Long picked the mandolin. Their snappy numbers were much enjoyed, and a repeat number had to be given.

In 1936 he and his family returned to the colony after attending his wife's brother's funeral in Arkansas.  

Post-Colony History:  


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