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Homer Loutrel

Birth: Born in Missouri March 20, 1892.  

Family Information: Son of E.H. Loutrel and Estelle Loutrel.

He met Anna Gregson while living in the colony. They married on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1925 at the courthouse in Leesville, LA. They were accompanied by W.J. Gregson, Estelle (Bailey) Loutrel, Ole Synoground and Gudrun Baldwin.

Father of Dorothy, Ruth, Sarah Helen and Judith Loutrel.

Description: Long and lanky.  

Pre-Colony History: Came from California to the colony with his parents in January 1922.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He often had to make repairs to the colony's Fairbanks Twins generators; he was the chief electrician for the colony; he also ran the projector at the theater.

In May 1922 Loutrel, assisted by C. Shutt, Dover Cryer, Warren Fread and Truman Benthal put up electric poles, wires, etc. and prepared to wire the houses to provide electric lights throughout the colony.

He also installed an internal telephone system for the colony in March 1923.

In December 1927 James Maxwell was working on Loutrel's ice plant crew, along with John Dougherty and Ted Landrum -- later in the month the same crew were doing repair work at the ice plant and building a new pump house on the bank of the creek just north of the general office -- they had the pump up, wires stretched and connected with the electric motor and at that time it was pumping water, giving a sufficient supply to the cooling tower at the ice plant, also supplying the laundry and steam plants.

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: He died May 29, 1974.  

Sources: Family Source: Ruth Loutrel Summey, Linda Arthurs; "Llano Colonist": May 27, 1922, October 29, 1927, December 10, 1927, December 17, 1927, December 31, 1927, August 23, 1930, March 18, 1933, March 25, 1933; "Vernon Parish Democrat": February 2, 1922; "Can We Cooperate" by Bob Brown; US Census: 1930  


Anna and Homer Loutrel at the New Llano depot.

(L to R) C.R. Peecher, Homer Loutrel and unknown colonist. At the "old electric shop" with the Roof Garden in background.

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