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Mary Christina Maki

Birth: She was born around 1885 in Finland.  

Family Information: Mother of Milton, Willhart, Gertrude, Myrtle, Irene and George Maki.


Pre-Colony History: Came to the colony in November of 1928, just after Herbert Hoover had been elected President.  

Home in Colony: In 1935 she was living with her children in the Newllano Colony. 

Job in Colony: She worked in the hotel kitchen - she was one of the first to arrive every morning to prepare breakfast.

In March 1929 the hotel crew included the Mesdames Maki, Swenson and Bridwell and the Misses Kathleen Bridwell and Jennie Black.

In April 1929 Hope Shoemaker, Laura Synoground and Pauline Eggleston prepared and served the evening lunch and the Mesdames Carroll, Maki, Oberlitner and Swenson and Dick Condon provided a fine dinner at the hotel.

In 1933 she was serving "rice and fruit in the morning as always," with her daughter, Myrtle, and Vivian Busick as helpers.

In April 1934 Chet Page took over in the hotel and announced that his breakfast cooks were Mrs. Maki, her daughters Myrtle and Irene, and Margaret Brough.  

Other Info: In 1932, after a long day working at the hospital, she showed that she could still "trip the boards" of the dance floor of the Roof Garden.

Late in 1932, she and Smith Sanford, having received several sacks of wool from the Rice Ranch, borrowed a spinning wheel which Dad Eldred was using as a model to build one for the colony. Mrs. Maki was an expert in the art of spinning and knitting and said they had enough wool to make sweaters for every man in the colony.

In April 1933 Cy Horney, as Commander-in-Chief, with Mesdames Ogden, Maki, Neill, and Mademoiselle Maki were serving a bountiful breakfast of pancakes, cereals, and more.

In April 1934 a lovely gathering was held at the home of Frank Brough, another New Englander, to "God-speed" the Fay family to Norfolk, Connecticut where they hoped to arrange their affairs over the next few months and return to the colony in the fall.

Attendees enjoyed music, games and a wonderful lunch. They included: Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Archer, Drs. Robert K. and Cecil C. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. George Matz, Mrs. Maki, Smith Sanford, DeForest Sanford, George Leevey, Wm. Bingham, Dennis Stanley, Forest R. Waters, Mary Emery and the Brough family, consisting of Margaret, William and Frank. 

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she and her son, George, were living in a home in the unincorporated New Llano, Louisiana (site of the old colony) while she worked as a bookbinder for a WPA project.


Sources: Family Source: Irene Maki Harper; "Can We Cooperate" by Bob Brown; "Llano Colonist": March 16, 1929, April 27, 1929, July 9, 1932, November 12, 1932, April 29, 1933, December 23, 1933, April 7, 1934, April 21, 1934; US Census: 1930, 1940  


Banta home in background -- Standing R to L is Rachel Valleau, Mrs. Mary Maki and Irene Maki; Sitting in front is Myrtle Maki.

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