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Ed Mansfield


Family Information:  


Pre-Colony History: He had "taxied" in Los Angeles before coming to the colony -- he was an expert driver and knew the game to the bottom.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In June 1932 Tom Cunningham, with his powerful mules, and Mansfield and Horney helping, were grading around the sawmill which meant a nice level yard for the great number of logs they expected to bring there.

In July 1932 Cleve Campbell was glad to see Bartlett back on the saw mill construction work. Bartlett, Horney and Mansfield were at that point finishing the log skidways while Harry Layer and Rand were shooting across the mechanical parts.

In February 1934 he was a member of the Sunday Volunteer Gang including: Bill Heath, Charles Brown, Rob Roe, Walter Gaulke, Dad Thomas, Ernest Prodon, Bert Busick, Roscoe Busick, Gossett, Jack Carnahan, Ed Hiatt John Calgarry, Tom Cunningham, Phillips, Real Baril, Nick Lentz, Ed Mansfield, Septer Baldwin, F.W. Fay and F.S. Hammond. They spent the day cutting some eight hundred feet of cypress lumber into two-inch planks, twenty inches wide and as clear as a hound's tooth to be used for shingles.  

Other Info: In May 1936 he, along with Mrs. Minnie Hewitt and Charlotte, Mrs. Bondell Banta, Mrs. White, Mrs. Hardy, Harold Emery, and Ed and Ida Cole helped prepare for the first reception of the summer season that was held in the Roof Garden.

In 1937 he met with several interested colonists to discuss garden needs that were soon going to need to be met. Also in attendance were Otto Hoefel, Israel Ginsberg, Ted Landrum, Forrest Waters, Boyd Bartlett, E.O. Joynes, and Mr. Hayman of Leesville.  

Post-Colony History: In 1947 he attended a Thanksgiving dinner prepared by Mrs. Gussie Frusha for the old folks of New Llano. Attending were: Ed Mansfield, Ed Clark, Joe Noggles, F.R. Waters, Ed Merrill, S.E. Broyles, Ted Landrum, I. Ginsberg, Mrs. Martha Dougherty, Mrs. Ida N. Bartlett and Mrs. Alice Sontag.  


Sources: Llano Colonist: June 25, 1932, July 2, 1932, February 3, 1934, March 31, 1934, May 30, 1936, February 13, 1937; "Leesville Leader": December 4, 1947  


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