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C.M. Maxwell In some cases spelled "C.W." or "J.M." Maxwell though I think it's the same person.


Family Information:  


Pre-Colony History: A native of Indiana, though he'd lived in Florida for the previous sixteen years -- farming, railroading, and trying to organize co-operatives -- he arrived in the colony in October 1927. At some point, possibly during his time in Florida, he'd been involved with the Ruskin Colony.

Came to the colony around October 1927.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In November 1927 the colony was selling their crates as fast as they could get them out. Shoemaker, Oberlitner, Tefteller, Aaby, Dixon and Maxwell were getting out materials for ends and putting them together while Shutt and Gerber were sawing logs into blocks for veneer.

In December he and Dixon were making crate ends and finishing up that job for the season.

In December 1927 Oberlitner and Gerber were sawing box and crate materials while Roede, Mardfin, Dixon and Maxwell were nailing up the last of the crate ends and putting them into bundles.

At the crate factory in the fall of 1928 he, Bingham and Comrade Hartman were steadily making crate ends, while Roede was kept on the jump overseeing the crate work and repairing shoes and harness while he rested.  

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Post-Colony History:  


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