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Sarah (Brown) Murray

Birth: She was born in 1915 at Louisiana.  

Family Information: Daughter of Ed Brown; step-daughter of Hattie Brown.

She married Jack Murray sometime before 1930.

Mother of Herman and Sybil Murray.


Pre-Colony History: In 1930 she was living in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana with her father, step-mother and various siblings, though she was already married at the time.

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1934 she was preparing vegetables and serving food at the hotel dining room, along with Mrs. Mahler and her daughter, Hulda, Miss Linderman, Arlene Watson, May Gossett, Mary Harlow-Fay, Doris Layer and Erma Hayes.

In November 1935 Industrial Manager Page appointed Anna Shoemaker as the new manager of the hotel after the departure of Mrs. DuProz. Her crew consisted of Sarah Murray, who would, assisted by Ruby Loftin, cook dinner. Mrs. Gay and Mrs. Anna Tabb would cook supper. Mrs. Wright, who had wiped trays twice a day for so long, would continue to do so at dinner and Katie Belle Goans would clean the trays at supper.

In January 1936 she and Bondell Banta were the dinner cooks, also helping, along with Mrs. Matz and Jane Lentz to serve the meal. Cy Horney was the dishwasher, Lucille Carr the wiper, Mrs. Emma Murray did the scraping and Ruth Wooley cleaned the silverware.

Later that year she was part of Mrs. Matz's morning crew at the hotel.

In October 1936 she was working in the sewing room, upstairs in Apartments de Llano, with Mrs. Perkins in charge, where the weekly mending and patching was done. Mrs. Kemp cut the patches and Mrs. Jack Murray, with daughter, Sybil, rounded out the personnel. Though Sybil was very young and new at the job, she was "catching on rapidly."

Also in October 1936 Mrs. Watson was the foreman of the laundry crew along with Cy Horney, chief launderer; Charley Murray, his helper; Mattie Turner, Sarah Murray and Esther Brown, ironers; and Mrs. Hullinger, mangler. Cy also pressed the men's pants.  

Other Info: For Christmas 1935 Mrs. Turner, Sarah Murray and Opal Murray, with Ben Clark to do the nailing, decorated the hotel dining room "most beautifully" with quantities of holly, paper chains and mottoes.

In February 1936 she and little Herman left the colony on a Sunday for an unannounced destination. They returned on Thursday of the same week.  

Post-Colony History: Some time after the death of Jack in 1962 and before her death, she married Pierre Bourque.  

Death: She died in 1995 and was buried in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.  

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