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Gertrude "Gertie" (West) Newman

Birth: She was born around 1906 in Louisiana.  

Family Information: Daughter of Cora (Beals) West.

Grand-daughter of Ida (Pickett West) Bell.

Niece of May (Beals) Hoffpauir and cousin of May's son, Elwood B. Hoffpauir.

She married Frank Newman while living in the colony. Mother of Norma Newman.


Pre-Colony History: In 1920 she was living in Jennings, Louisiana with her parents, many siblings, her maternal grandmother (Hannah Beals) and 9-year old cousin, Ellwood Beals Hoffpauir -- her father was a dealer of farm instruments and the step-son of Ida Pickett West Bell.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In March 1922 she, along with Burton, Mrs. Dougherty and Mrs. Norgard was a worker in the office.  

Other Info: In April 1922 Harry Bell, Jr. did a sketch assisted by the Misses Louise Belorahdsky, Gertrude West, Rosa Matz and Maxine Gaddis and Comrades Frank Newman and Bill Beavers. "It was a one-act melodrama, and a scream indeed. Harry sang: "They all go wild over me" -- but that [wa]s just his conceit. He [wa]s not the only pebble on the beach. There [we]re others."

In June 1922 she returned to the colony from a trip, brought by C.C. West, his wife, and daughter. With her was her cousin, Elwood Hoffpauir, now 11 years of age, who would also make his home at the colony.

Post-Colony History: In August 1931 she came from Jennings, Louisiana for a visit (she and her husband had left the colony several years prior to that date). She planned to catch a ride home with Beulah Gaddis, who was also visiting friends in the colony, when she resumed her trip to see the Gulf of Mexico.  


Sources: Photo Archives; US Census: 1920; Llano Colonist: March 25, 1922, April 22, 1922, June 3, 1922, August 15, 1931  


(Top) Ida (West) and Harry Bell; (Bottom) Gertrude (West) and Frank Newman.

Standing left - Walter Conlin; Sitting (L to R) Frank Newman holding daughter Norma, Gertrude (West) Newman and Earl Rowe.

Gertrude Newman with unknown man.

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