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James Raicoff


Family Information: Husband of Anna Raicoff.

Father of Martha and Janine Raicoff.  


Pre-Colony History: In May 1931 he wrote a letter to the colony, seeking permission to join, offering his skills as an efficient printer, compositor, make-up man, linotype machinist, auto mechanic, general machinist who had his own furniture but no cash.

In June 1931 he was listed as a new subscriber to the "Llano Colonist".

In August 1931 he arrived in the colony with his family.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He was welcomed as the new printer -- taking hold of all kinds of work and showing that he was an all-around man in the printing business.

In October 1931 he and Cole were working on job work for Leesville customers in the print shop.

Other Info: In October 1931 Comrade Atworth presided at the Open Forum where Comrade Morgan spoke on the subject of "Science and Life" intimating that COHESION (sticking-togetherness) is the principle of life both in inorganic and organic life. McDonald, Raicoff, Lentz and Tuber also talked on the subject.  

Post-Colony History:  


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