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Augusta Ribbing

Birth: She was born in 1863 in Sweden.  

Family Information: She married John Herman Ribbing in Iowa in November 1886.

Mother of Harry Ribbing and other children who probably didn't live in the colony: Florence, Esther (Ribbing) Brown and William H. Ribbing.


Pre-Colony History: She immigrated to the U.S. in 1880 and by 1930 had become a naturalized citizen.

In 1900 she was living in Missouri with her husband and children. In 1930 the family was living in Michigan.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In 1933 she worked in the laundry. At the laundry in 1934, Mrs. Hewitt was marking and sorting clothes to be washed while Tefteller was running the washing machine; Mrs. Ribbing and Mrs. Hullinger were ironing shirts and underwear and Arlene Watson was keeping the tub full of sprinkled clothes.

At the laundry in May 1934 she, Mrs. Matz and Mother Dougherty were the regular ironers at the laundry. In September 1934 she and Vivian Crossland were doing the ironing while John Dougherty and Thelma Perkins hung clothing out to dry. Arlene Watson was still sprinkling the clothes while Mrs. Hullinger and Mrs. Watson were busy helping all the others.

In 1936 Harry Morgan was in charge of the laundry and his helpers included Mrs. Clark, Katie Belle and Ila Goans, Mrs. Ribbing, Mrs. Ogden and Mrs. Swilley.  

Other Info: A report in the "Llano Colonist" read, "Over at the store window you will see the big blue bird on the NRA (National Recovery Administration) poster. No business until eight o'clock. But that [sign] doesn't appear in the laundry window. No competition there. Johnny Dougherty, Mrs. Dupros, Mrs. Gaylord, Mrs. Ribbing and the girls -- when they are there -- just stick to the job until it is done."

In July 1937 she and John Herman spent a lot of time beautifying the court at the Llano Apartments (new hotel), making it one of the real show places of the Colony. They cared for about two-thirds of the entire court, while the rest of it "sorta [went] begging -- and to tall grass."  

Post-Colony History: In 1940 she was living in Vernon Parish, Louisiana with her husband and son, Harry.  


Sources: Photo Archives; Iowa Marriage Records; US Census: 1900, 1930, 1940; "Llano Colonist": August 19, 1933, May 19, 1934, July 14, 1934, July 28, 1934, August 4, 1934, September 1, 1934, January 18, 1936, July 10, 1937


(L to R) John Herman Ribbing, Esther Ribbing Brown, Agusta [sic] Swenson Ribbing, Unidentified

(L to R) Harry Ribbing, Esther Ribbing Brown, Agusta Swenson Ribbing, John Herman Ribbing

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