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Hank "H.J." Stevens


Family Information:

His wife, Mrs. Hank, was a very agreeable assistant in his work at the colony garage.

Description: He was an all-round auto mechanic, acetylene welder and also did electrical work and could handle a machinist's job.  

Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He was foreman of the garage department. In November 1928 he and his wife were setting up the brackets to hold their new machines in the recently completed industrial building.

In March 1929 Curly Goble and Warren Fread looked after the garage work while Hank was on a trip to Brownsville, Texas.

In 1929 Newman and Ole were "assembling a new "sander". This was a machine on which all kinds of wood surfaces [could] be sandpapered and finished, obviating the slow and laborious hand work. A belt of sandpaper [did] the trick, as it revolved over "idlers", two at the lower and two at the upper corners of the framework. No idler, Comrade Hoag made [those] idlers. In fact, the whole machine [had] an interesting pedigree, being a concrete demonstration of co-operative creation. The plan [was] by Hank Stevens. Comrade Eldred brought the framework into being. Jimmy Maxwell concocted the metal parts by frisking an old Ford. Hoag tuned in on the idlers, as aforesaid. Somebody made the sanding belt. And lo! Ole and Newman assembled the creations of all those co-operators into a machine capable of doing the work of a score of men. [They] simply needed the machine and forthwith got busy and made it."  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Vernon Parish Democrat": February 7, 1929; "Llano Colonist": November 17, 1928, March 23, 1929  


Clipping from the Vernon Parish Democrat dated February 7, 1929.

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