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J.O. Stocking


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Pre-Colony History: In 1928 he wrote two letters that were printed in the "Llano Colonist." One referred to a recent story which was titled "Ghost Community" that had been published in the "Christmas Sun" by the Auto Club to interest sight seers. That story focused on the California colony and the ruins left behind in California.

Mr. Stocking visited the colony himself and his letter went on to discuss the few colonists who had not lost courage and made the move to Louisiana. He praised all that he found there, including details about the farms, the ice and cold storage plant, power plant, laundry, print shop, sawmill, planing mill and crate factory.  

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Sources: "Llano Colonist": February 4, 1928  


Photo is labeled: College Group: (Back Row) Pete Harmon, John ?, Mrs. Garrett, Dad Gleeser, Mrs. Dougherty (Front Row) Mr. Stocking, Mr. Black, Mrs. Busick, Miss Wilson (Two of the men in front are not identified).

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