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Mary "Etta" (Norris) White

Birth: She was born around 1876 in Louisiana.  

Family Information: Mother of Bondell (Banta) Jensen.

Grandmother of Earl L. and Marie Banta.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 she was living in Grant Parish, LA with her husband, Wm. Henry Norris and four children -- George H., Collie, Ethel, and Bondell Norris.

In 1920 she had moved to Vernon Parish and lived with her second husband, John M. White, four of her own children -- George, William C., Ider B. (Bondell) and Otto Norris plus a step-son, John M. White.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: Throughout 1931 it was reported that her job was to help with the dinner service. In June 1931 the midday meal was prepared and served by the Mesdames Lentz, Long, White, Corbett, Nesnow, Parsons, Hardy, Joynes and the Misses Stella Kittle, Bays and Caves. Frances Wilkerson and Virginia and Ruth Kittle gathered the trays which Mrs. Wright was kept busy wiping for repeated service.

In September 1931 she helped Mittlebuscher and the Mesdames Joynes and Raicoff prepare dinner at the hotel dining room.

In 1932 she was still serving, and helping with preparations for dinner.

Both she and her daughter, Bondell, along with Mrs. Minnie Hewitt and Charlotte, Mrs. Hardy, Ed Mansfield, Harold Emery, and Ed and Ida Cole helped prepare for the first reception of the summer season that was held in the Roof Garden.  

Other Info: For May Day 1931 Mrs. White demonstrated that she could make fancy hats out of burlap or gunny sacks that not only looked nice, but were of real service.  

Post-Colony History: In July 1937 Bondell traveled to Seiper, Louisiana to get Etta who expected to stay in the colony for a time.  


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