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Helen "Jeannette" Wooley (Alternate spelling Woolley)

Birth: She was born in 1919 in Indiana.  

Family Information: Daughter of Alonzo W. and Jennie Wooley.

Sister of Alonzo "Tot", Dannie, Ruth, Ross and Joan Wooley.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In July 1931 the "Busy Beavers" consisting of Vivian Busick, Irene Hewitt, Jeannette Wooley, Jane Lentz, Wanda Self, Iris Busick, Norman Bays, Phillip Lentz, Kenneth Dean, Archie Ogden, Ernest Ogden, Byron Busick, Jimmie Dix, George Maki and Lyle Layer, under the leadership of Mrs. Killian, gathered Himalayan berries at the orchard in the morning and in the afternoon picked blackberries out of the woods.

In May 1931 Miss Daisy Brown trained some dozen children to take parts in a little playlet called "The Census Taker" including Joe Blackshire as the father and Rachel Valleau as the mother; Blen Still played the census taker and the children were played by Jeanette Wooley, Ellen Jernberg, Iris Busick, Ernest Ogden, Bill Ogden, Andrew Parson, Liljean Corbett, Warren Roe, Leola Bays, Rozella and Quentin Quipp.

In August 1931 the laundry crew included the Mesdames Synoground, Dora Kemp, J.L. Dougherty, Van Antwerp, Self, Dix and the Misses Hortense Self and Jeannette Wooley.

In 1934, she was assisting Mrs. Needham in the library. In June 1934 she volunteered to help out in the Oil and Mineral office by addressing post cards.

That same year she was among a group of high school girls including Iris Busick, Margaret Brough, Nona Crotts, Vivian Crossland, Erma Hayes, Afton Lewis, Irene and Myrtle Maki, Crystal Schutz, Rhea Mae Baldwin and May Gossett who reported to the orchard to help with berry picking.  

Other Info: In 1932 she played the flute in the newly organized Junior Orchestra which was being organized and taught by Fred Hamel.

In March 1934 the High School assembly elected for the new student body officers: Vivian Crossland, President; Iris Busick, Vice-President; Afton Lewis, Reporter; and Rhea Baldwin, Jeanette Woolley, Irene Maki, Program Committee.  

Post-Colony History: At some point she married Dallas McCord Reynolds.  

Death: She died in 1992 in Guadalajara, Mexico and was buried in the Gringo section at Guanajuato, Mexico.  

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