Museum the New Llano Colony

Alfred H. "Fred" Hamel Alternate spelling Alford

Birth: Born around 1888 in Germany.  


Pre-Colony History: He and Margaret were listed as new members in late 1928.  

Family Information: Father of Margaret Hamel.

Married Florence Roe sometime after coming to the colony and before 1930 and became step-father to her children - Robert, Warren, Walter, Frances and Lucille.  

Job in Colony: He was listed as a printer in the colony on the 1930 US Census.

In July 1931 the veneer plant was going in full force with Johnny Dougherty, Long, Ole Synoground, Carl Bradshaw, George Jensen, Slaughter, Ray Bradshaw, Fred Hamel, Hoag and Roede on the job; as well as Bennie Brown, Jimmie Brown, Helen Joe Dougherty, Lucille Oberlitner, Rhea Mae Baldwin, George Maki and Jimmie Dix.

In 1932 he organized and taught the Junior Orchestra.  

Home in Colony:  

Other Info: In June 1929 he, Anna Besse and Albert Wichmann rendered two German songs with feeling and spirit.

The family visited his wife's family in 1930, but they were thinking of Llano and expected to return before a great while.  

Post-Colony History: In 1934 Bernie Stevens wrote a column for the Colonist titled "Ozark Colony News". He had first visited the new site in October 1933 and was impressed with it's possibilities. Fred and Florence joined him at that location in February, 1934, along with four of the Roe children and definite organization plans were agreed upon and adopted.

The colony there was similar to Newllano, but it was decided that on the first of December every year, they would divide all available colony money, excepting necessary running expenses for the following year, between themselves. The work there was mostly agricultural after his arrival, though the sawmill had provided lumber and cash.

The Hamel family remained at the site at least through 1934, with both Florence and Fred sometimes writing a column about the Ozark colony for the "Llano Colonist" at times.  


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