New Llano Colony Heritage Day
Saturday, May 9, 2015 Admission is FREE! New Llano Community Park

Something for Everyone at the First May Day Celebration at New Llano Colony since 1940
Samples of clothing worn in the New Llano Colony 1914-1939

The Museum of the New Llano Colony will host their first annual New Llano Colony Heritage Day on May 9, 2015 at the New Llano Community Park on Stanton Street. The site is located just across the street from the museum and the New Llano Fire Department.

You are invited to get into the spirit of things by dressing in clothing from the time -- in this case, anything that would've been popular between 1914 when the colony was first started in California and 1940, when the colony property had all been sold. Some examples are shown to the left. Notice that although most women and girls wore dresses, there is the one of girls in their knickers which were just becoming scandalously popular.

Start your visit at the museum itself to learn a bit about the unique community which welcomed people from all over the world. Many of those who came were successful, well-educated people, who wanted to make the world a better place for all men. Learn how and why the colony was started and how it came to be  located here, in  the   cut-over     highlands     of

Louisiana; how the industries evolved that kept it going for years; and finally how it all ended in disaster.

Also inside the museum building will be the Vernon Parish Historical & Genealogical Society booth. Share a cup of coffee with them and learn to trace your own ancestry and/or learn more about the history of this area. Members of this group love to share their knowledge and are always looking to gain more for themselves.

The Vernon Parish Chamber Orchestra will perform old time music under the Main Tent in the park. Between performances, Rick Barnickel will lead a panel of storytellers, including former colonists and/or persons who knew them well, in a discussion about what everyday life was like in the colony. Many of the stories will be taken from the daily diary featured in the "Llano Colonist", one of the weekly newspapers printed in the colony.

Nearby will be the Maypole, symbol of hope for workers everywhere, its ribbons fluttering in the breeze, until  the dancers begin,  wrapping  and   braiding


The origin of May Day is indissoluably tied to men's struggle for a shorter workday. Early in the 19th century, U.S. workers made known their grievances against working from "sunrise to sunset", as was the custom at the time. Fourteen, sixteen, and even eighteen hours a day were not uncommon -- some were forced to work even as many as nineteen and twenty hours a day.

Progress was slow until after the Civil War, but soon organizations were formed throughout the country demanding better working conditions. On May 1, 1866, workers all around the U.S. answered the call of the labor movement and laid down their tools demanding an 8-hour workday.

Though they didn't win in 1886, the extent and character of the strike gave the movement significant political meaning. The Federation continued to push the issue and since May 1st was already being celebrated for the gains they had made, the date was chosen again and again, soon spreading to international organizations as well. Read more...

 the colorful ribbons down the pole as they move gracefully around it.

Children will enjoy the old-fashioned games organized by the New Llano Fire Department. There'll be sack/three-legged races, Red Rover, Card Toss and more. Volunteers led by the First Baptist and Preach for the Right  churches of New Llano will have jump ropes and hopscotch, as well. Volunteers   

will help children build  old-fashioned toys which they'll be able to take home with them. A petting zoo will allow hands-on time with a variety of farm animals.
The Scissor Guy

Schedule of Events

All Day Long
Toy Making
Hat Toss
YoYo Targets
Jump Rope

Main Tent
9:00 am -- Music -- Flute Duet
10:00 am -- Story Telling
11:00 am -- Maypole
12:00 pm -- Music -- Violin  Duet
1:00 pm -- Story Telling

Scheduled Demos
9:00 am -- How to Can Tomatoes
by Anne Champney
10:00 am -- Chicken & Dumplings
by Natasha Johnson
11:00 am -- Maypole
by Joan Kathey Dance Center
11:30 T-Shirt Cannon
by Harry McCloud
1:00 pm -- Peanut Butter Making
by Natasha Johnson

9 am -- Red Rover
10 am -- Woodsmen's Skills
12 pm -- Age 5-8 Sack Races
12:10 -- Age 9-12 Sack Races
12:20 -- Age 13 & Up Sack Races
12:40 -- Age 5-8 Tug of War
12:50 -- Age 9-12 Tug of War
1:00 -- Age 13 & Up Tug of War
1:20 -- Age 5-8 3-Legged Race
1:30 -- Age 9-12 3-Legged Race
1:40 -- Age 13-Up 3-Legged Race

Forest Peil, Gristmill
Jerry Baker, Blacksmith