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“The average life of a workingman today is thirty-five years; that of a comfortable, well-to-do man... about fifty years. The working class is robbed annually of two-fifths of its life.” Los Angeles Herald, May 30, 1905

About Us:

The Museum of the New Llano Colony is a joint venture of the Vernon Parish Tourism Commission and the Town of New Llano.


We apologize for any inconvenience, but the museum will be CLOSED to the PUBLIC beginning March 18, 2020 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

For more information, please call the museum at (337) 238-1185 during regular operating hours.

Regular Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 8am-4pm
(Closed for lunch daily - usually from 12-1pm, but this is flexible)

Visits outside these hours can be arranged by calling during regular business hours.

"The cry of despair and the call for help is heard in every city, town, village and hamlet, but their hearts and hopes are palsied by the ever increasing roar of fruitless promises... Each worker struggled alone in the battle until he was overpowered by the very monster he fed." Western Comrade, 1913

Mission Statement:

The Museum of the New Llano Colony is committed to preserving the legacy of the Llano del Rio Co-operative Colony created by former Labor lawyer and Socialist politician, Job Harriman. The museum aims to share the untold stories of the colonists and their efforts to prove that a co-operative lifestyle was superior to that of a capitalistic society of the early twentieth century.

To enhance this experience, the museum may, at times, offer historical programs that are of national or international interest. The subject for these programs will always connect to the colony/colonists in some way and must serve to heighten understanding of the times in which they existed.

"As yet, we have no regular provision for 'religious training' in the popular acceptation of the phrase. We feel that parents who have arrived at the age of discretion should be able to bring up their children along those lines pretty much as they ought to go. As there are so many sects and creeds it would be hard to install the Sunday school that would be satisfactory to all." Life on the Llano, Western Comrade, November 1915

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Museum of the New Llano Colony

211 Stanton St. (physical)
P.O. Box 349 (mailing)
Leesville, LA 71496
(337) 238-1185

Vernon Parish Tourism Commission

201 South 3rd St. (physical)
P.O. Box 349 (mailing)
Leesville, LA 71496
(800) 349-6287

Town of New Llano

109 Stanton St.
New Llano, LA 71461
(337) 239-3670

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"...Step by step we march to our ideal." William DeBoer, The Llano Colonist, April 27, 1929

The building that is home to our museum was not one of the colony structures. It was built by the residents who purchased the colony's property and was the New Llano community school. Above is a picture of the building, students, and at least some of the faculty. The photo is not dated, but I would guess this is from the 1940's or '50's. If you have more information about it, please use the contact information above and I'll be thrilled to share it.

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