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Arthur Hoffman


Family Information:  

Description: Described as an Indian-like man with deeply tanned skin and blue eyes that looked straight at you. One of the colony's best speakers and a ripe scholar; he explained prune-picking with much dash, pep and humor.  

Pre-Colony History: Came to the colony in 1931 from California, where he'd had charge of the Post fruit ranch which had sent a large shipment of prunes and pears to the colony that year as well.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: He was a farm worker; delivering a load of wood with team and wagon in 1932.  

Other Info: In 1935, after the "May Day Revolution" ousting George Pickett and causing the election of a new Board of Directors, many of the colonists wanted to stick with Pickett. They fought the action in the streets of New Llano and in the Vernon Parish courts. On July 22, 1935 a group of Pickett supporters held their own meeting and elected a board which included George T. Pickett as President and General Manager, Arthur Hoffman, H. Claude Lewis, Oscar Needham, Sidney Young, Sidney Archer and John Szpila.

In 1940 he was living in Vernon Parish, Louisiana with lodger Joe Noggle and housekeeper, Alice Sontag.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": September 12, 1931, December 17, 1932, September 7, 1935; US Census: 1940  


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