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Joseph "Joe" Silberman


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Job in Colony: In November 1928 the syrup-making crew included: Mardfin, Hough, Bingham, Silberman and Rahn who were topping the cane (cutting the seed off for chicken feed); Comrade Gregson who was feeding the cane crusher; Dixon who was placing the cane upon the feeding table; Ward Shoemaker who was carrying the toppers over to Dixon's platform; and Joe Turner who was doing the evaporating.  

Other Info: He was often part of the program at the theater.

In February 1929 the colony orchestra consisted of Violins: Guy Rogers, William Bingham, Albert Wichmann, Warren Fread, Joseph Silberman, Rhea Baldwin; Flute: Clyde Mickey; Clarinets: Frank Rahn, William DeBoer, William Newman; Saxophones: Raymond DeFausell, Florence Roe, Arthur Goble; Trumpets: Louis Reodemeister, Benjamin Roe; Horn: Benjamin Couchman; Trombone: George Pickett; Tuba: Fred Hamel; Pianist: Mary Erma Wilson.  

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Sources: "Llano Colonist": November 10, 1928, February 16, 1929; "Vernon Parish Democrat": February 28, 1929  


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