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Jessie W. Armacost

Birth: He was born in 1914 at Iowa.  

Family Information: Son of Myrtle (Keith) and John B. Armacost.

Brother of John B. Armacost, Jr. and Roslyn G. Armacost.

Step-son of Etta (Oberlitner) Armacost.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: The 1930 US Census listed the family as lodgers in the William Mizle home. 

Job in Colony: In April 1928 Ben Roe had many boys and girls interested in the garden work -- four of the boys, about twelve years of age, were quite competent workers -- Karl Besse, Jesse Armacost, Roy Swenson and Fred Busick. Those fellows were taking on responsibility and doing excellent work, along with smaller boys and girls who helped out with lighter work.

In October 1930 he was on the crew turning logs into lumber as rapidly as the saw mill would cut it. Other colonists on the crew were Comrade Haering, Comrade Stevens, George and Fred Jensen, Peterson, Shepherd, John Armacost, Jr., Wilkerson and Ernest Kimball.

Other Info: In June 1929 the parish superintendent presented diplomas to the graduates of grade school including: Allie Belle Hewitt, Lois Brattland, June Enfield, Ruth Kingsbury, Paul Ashlock, Caleb Ashlock, John, Jesse and Roslyn Armacost, Elmer Jensen, Roy Swenson, Royal Thompson, Fred Busick, Robert Roe, Cletus Killian and Pauline Eggleston.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: He died in 1980 at Oregon and was buried there.  

Sources: "Llano Colonist": April 7, 1928, June 8, 1929, October 11, 1930; US Census: 1930;  


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