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Carolyn Bradshaw


Born in the colony around 1930.

Family Information:

Daughter of Carl Bradshaw and Myrtle Kemp Bradshaw.


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony:

Other Info: In January 1933 Marjory Lewis and Eugene Swenson used Carolyn's little wagon to take a load of greens and vegetables to the Kid Kolony.  

Post-Colony History: In May 1936 she left the Newllano colony with her mother, Myrtle, for New Mexico.

Her father died in 1932, but sometime prior to 1940, her mother married again to Burl Chapin because in 1940, both she and Carolyn were living with him in Hidalgo, New Mexico where Carolyn was attending 4th grade.  


Sources: Photo Archives; "Llano Colonist": January 28, 1933, May 16, 1936; US Census: 1940  

Kindergarten Group, 1933
Photo of Kindergarten Group (1933) -- Back Row: Roy Peecher, Martha Mahler, Joan Wooley; Middle Row: Warren Fread, Carl Peecher, Blair Pickett, Ruth Loutrel, Maurice Nesnow, Betty Perkins; Front Row: Carolyn Bradshaw, Jackie De Fausell, George Ogden, Esther Mahler.

Kindergarten Group with Kiddie Kar, 1933
Another Photo of Kindergarten Group this time with Kiddie Kar (1933) -- Joan, Martha M., Roy, Carl, Blair, Violet Quipp, George, Maurice, Ruth, Jack, Martha Lentz, Barbara De Fausell, Betty, Joy Quipp, Carolyn, Eugene Carnahan, Margy-Lee Perkins, Robert Ogden, Joseph Nesnow.

Carolyn Bradshaw
Carolyn Bradshaw

Carolyn and Blair with her little wagon, 1933
Carolyn and Blair with her little wagon, 1933

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