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Comrade Fox


Family Information: Married to Mary Fox.  


Pre-Colony History: He and his wife had been members of the California colony; they made the move to the Louisiana colony in October 1928. At that time he stated that the colony here was so far ahead of the California colony that there was little or no comparison.  

Home in Colony: In November 1928 Newman, Eldred and Rudolph were helping Dad Fox get his house ready for occupancy -- he was expecting Mrs. Fox soon.  

Job in Colony: He worked at any old place he was needed and was able to find a dozen joys any time.  

Other Info: In 1929 the theater program featured camera pictures of Llano, California and Newllano which were shown on a white screen while George Pickett paid tribute to the Auld Lang Syners who had been part of the pioneer days of the colony including: Peter, Dora and Harold Kemp; L. Roedemeister, Dad Thomas and Mr. Fox; Septer, Runa and Rhea May Baldwin; Chas. Anderson, Anton Van Nuland and Theo Landrum; Susan and Albert Moore; William and Mrs. Newman; Arthur, Donna, Donna 2nd and Dolores Goble; and George Pickett himself.


Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": October 6, 1928, November 10, 1928, March 9, 1929  


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