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Harold Kemp

Birth: He was born in the USA around 1913.  

Family Information: Son of Peter Kemp and Dora Kemp.

Brother of Jimmy, Myrtle and Nellie Kemp.

Married Bonnie Mae Mason while living in the colony.

Father of Delores Gail Kemp.


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony: In 1930 he was living in the colony proper at New Llano, LA. According to maps, when they were living inside the colony proper, the Harold Kemp family lived four houses north of Hwy. 1211 on the east side of what is now Third St.  

Job in Colony: In April of 1922 he was part of a group of students who worked in the garden along with Emma Kapotsy, Bennett Babb, Dover Cryer, Roscoe Busick, Fred Busick, Clifford Synoground, Dawson Cryer, Charles Lee, Brooks Merrel and Max Beavers.

In June 1928 Tom and Alex Davidson, Hough, Waters, McClurg, Daugherty, Rosenburg, Mardfin, Weislander and Harold Kemp were working hard in the gardens to make up for time lost to rainy days.

In September 1928 the work in the Rice Ranch vegetable gardens and orchards proceeded with Harold operating the tractor and 28 disc harrow, Leonard and Ben Roe ploughing and planting Irish potatoes, and Shipman hauling and spreading fertilizer. Robert Roe and Roy Swenson helped out where they could. Condon took a trip to Newllano, leaving Mrs. Swenson to perform her household duties without an assistant.

In 1930 was working as a chauffeur driving the colony truck.

In 1932 Clyde Mitchell was the foreman of the garage and they were swamped with not only colony work, but also "slathers" of outside jobs to attend to. His helpers were Harold, Blair Thomas and Royall Thompson.

In November 1932 Harold and Bonnie were part of the "Newllano Expeditionary Force" sent to operate the satellite colony at Gila, New Mexico.

Other Info: He was one of the members of the colony when George Pickett first named General Manager.

At Christmas time 1928 Curly Goble and Warren Fread carried a load of building materials to the Rice Ranch; on the return trip they brought sixteen hogs and 38 bales of rice straw. To carry this load, a floor of stout planks and beams had to be constructed over the bottom of the truck and then "the "fun" commenced. The hogs had to be captured and such squealing and grunting of the indignantly protesting porkers was never heard in those parts -- and such pulling of legs and ears you never saw, but after a strenuous hunt and battle the poor beasts were at last safely [loaded] and then the 33 bales of straw were piled upon the floor above the hogs and when that was accomplished you would have seen a truckload about as high as the ranch-house and on of top of that clambered Harold and Ben Hewett, Jr. going to help celebrate Xmas at the Colony's home. Baldwin and little Eugene followed them in Baldwin's Rolls Royce twenty cylinder car which [was] equipped with all the luxuries and trimmings of a modern traveling palace."

In 1929 the theater program featured camera pictures of Llano, California and Newllano which were shown on a white screen while George Pickett paid tribute to the Auld Lang Syners who had been part of the pioneer days of the colony including: Peter, Dora and Harold Kemp; L. Roedemeister, Dad Thomas and Mr. Fox; Septer, Runa and Rhea May Baldwin; Chas. Anderson, Anton Van Nuland and Theo Landrum; Susan and Albert Moore; William and Mrs. Newman; Arthur, Donna, Donna 2nd and Dolores Goble; and George Pickett himself.

In June 1933 colonists at Gila had their own entertainment -- ladies were furnished with chairs from Chet's room and men sat on the floor. Harold and Clyde appeared with five or six inch brim new straw hats, Mr. Wooley in high heel boots, Chet Page in a hat -- well, no disrespect to Chet or the hat, but there was every reason to believe that it was not a new hat. The performers were Mr. Wooley with his violin, Mahler with a flute, two guitars and a violin, and Chet singing.  

Post-Colony History:  

Death: Died in 1978 at Gila National Forest. He was buried in Gila, New Mexico.  

Sources: Photo Archives; US Census: 1920, 1930;"Llano Colonist": April 22, 1922, June 30, 1928, September 22, 1928, January 5, 1929, March 9, 1929, November 19, 1932, December 10, 1932, April 11, 1933 (Reprinted from the Colonist May 17, 1924), June 10, 1933, August 17, 1935; "Roswell Daily Record": December 10, 1978  

"Three Kemps" -- (L to R) Harold, Myrtle and Nellie

Harold, Dora and Pete Kemp with "Stude."

Bonnie and Harold (Just Married) with Nellie and Paul Bradshaw at house on Harriman Circle.

Harold and Bonnie Kemp at Gila, New Mexico

Harold and Delores Gail Kemp

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