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James Lemuel Daugherty Alternate spelling Dougherty

Birth: He was born in 1866 at Texas.  

Family Information: Husband of Daisy D. Daugherty.

Father of Robert, Daisy, Eugene and Helen Joe Daugherty.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 he was living with his wife and four children in Texas where he worked as a farmer.

In 1920 he and Daisy were living in New Mexico with five of their children while he worked as a farmer.

In May 1928 Comrade Daugherty and two sons, Gene and Robert, recently from New Mexico, but at the time living 40 miles south of the colony, visited the colony and found that it looked so good to them that Baldwin took a truck and brought the family back to the colony that very day.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: Shortly after his arrival he started working on the farm as he was an experienced farmer and gardener, as well as a carpenter and builder. At the end of the month he was planting peanuts.

In June 1928 he and Waters, the regular farmers, were joined by Kenneth Thurman and Jack Barron to help out with the rough spots in the gardens. When Daugherty was laid up for a couple days, Alex Davidson ran his team and disc cultivator in the peanut patch.

Later that month Tom and Alex Davidson, Hough, Waters, McClurg, Daugherty, Rosenburg, Mardfin, Weislander and Harold Kemp were working hard in the gardens to make up for time lost to rainy days.  

Other Info:  

Post-Colony History: In 1930 they were living in Pampa, Texas with their youngest daughter. He was working as a laborer doing hospital odd jobs and his wife was a housekeeper at a hospital.

In 1940 she and James were still living in Pampa, Texas -- now with their daughter, Daisy -- and he wasn't working but Daisy worked as a dressmaker.  

Death: He died in 1961 and was buried in Fairview Cemetery at Pampa, Texas.  

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