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Joseph "Joe" Gaddis

Birth: Born around 1874 in Illinois.  

Family Information: Married to Louise Gaddis.

Father of Beulah, Maxine and Victor Gaddis.  


Pre-Colony History: In 1910 he was living in Houston, Texas with his wife and daughters. In 1920 the family was living in Matagorda, Texas with all three children where he worked as a railroad agent.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In March 1922 he was doing book-keeping in the office.

In 1927 he was working at the ice plant; in 1928 he was doing various things including running the linotype machine and later foreman of the Cereal Mill Department.  

Other Info: In May 1928 two visiting musicians -- W.L. Ferris and O.L. Owens of Leesville -- collaborated with the colony orchestra which consisted of: Robert Snyder, leader; George T. Pickett, Roedemeister, Ben Roe, Raymond Faussel, Joseph Gaddis, Louise Gaddis, Billy DeBoer, C.C. Mickey, Peter Borg, Max Beavers, Warren Fread, Guy Rogers, Florence Roe and Anna Besse, pianiste.  

Post-Colony History: His family left the colony around 1930 and moved to Illinois. They kept in touch by sending letters and donations, but it doesn't appear the entire family returned until April 1933 when Beulah married Max Beavers, and then it was only for a short visit.  


Sources: US Census: 1910, 1920; "Llano Colonist": March 25, 1922, November 5, 1927, February 4, 1928, May 19, 1928, May 26, 1928, April 8, 1933  


(L to R) Louise and Joseph Gaddis, Nellie (Kemp) and Paul Bradshaw, Victor and June Gaddis, Alex and Beulah (Gaddis) Davidson - July, 1953, Chicago.

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