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A. James McDonald

Birth: He was born around 1877 at Canada.  

Family Information:  

Description: In April 1928 he was described as an affable gentleman, and a co-operator in every sense that the word implies.  

Pre-Colony History: In 1910 he and his wife, Mamie B., were lodging with the Ida Love family in New Mexico and he was working as a lawyer on his own account.

In April 1921 he visited the colony from Clayton, New Mexico where he was a prominent attorney.

In 1930 he was living in Shreveport, Louisiana - boarding with the Mary Mather family. He was working as a lawyer and still listed as married, though his wife was not listed as part of the household.

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Other Info:

In October 1931 Comrade Atworth presided at the Open Forum where Comrade Morgan spoke on the subject of "Science and Life" intimating that COHESION (sticking-togetherness) is the principle of life both in inorganic and organic life. McDonald, Raicoff, Lentz and Tuber also talked on the subject.

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: Photo Archives; US Census: 1910, 1930; "The Llano Co-operative Colony and What it Taught" by A. James McDonald; "Vernon Parish Democrat": April 28, 1921; "Llano Colonist": October 24, 1931  


L to R -- A. James McDonald, Florence (Kapotsy) Breuer and Eva Breuer Lisac in Queens, New York in the 1960's.

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