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Anna Raicoff


Family Information: Wife of James Raicoff.

Mother of Martha and Janine Raicoff.  


Pre-Colony History: In August 1931 she arrived in the colony with her family.  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In September 1931 she helped Mittlebuscher and the Mesdames Joynes and White prepare dinner at the hotel dining room.

In October 1931 she worked with Septer and Runa Baldwin to prepare dinner while Jack Williams rustled around among the pots and kettles.

Her regular kitchen crew in October 1931 included Mrs. Bonnie Kemp, Mrs. Thelma Perkins, Bea Jensen, Lucille Oberlitner, Mrs. Ruby Fread, Mrs. Bess Shipman, Mrs. Anna Shutt (sic), and Anton Kurtz who was on the pots.  

Other Info: In October 1931 she and Mrs. Killian sang the Llano carole accompanied by Mrs. Jangfroid on the piano and were applauded so that they had to repeat it.

In January 1932 Mrs. Raicoff and Phillip Ellison did some "Back Seat Driving" at the colony theater, which was very funny; Mrs. Raicoff being the back seat driver, told the chauffeur that she would let him know if it was raining, after he had stuck his hand out a half-dozen times. The encore brought a "laff."  

Post-Colony History:  


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