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Clarence Shutt

Birth: He was born around 1904 in Texas.  

Family Information: Son of Will A. Shutt and Emma Shutt.

Brother of Anna Shutt (Thompson Garrett Shoemaker), Leroy Shutt and several others who did not live in the colony.

Uncle of Anna's children -- Zelma (Thompson) DeFausell and Royall Thompson; and sister Bessie Mae's son -- Sextus Garrett.  


Pre-Colony History:  

Home in Colony:  

Job in Colony: In March 1922 the crew at the print shop included Mrs. Cantrell and Rose, Comrades Buck, Gleeser and Newman with assistance from students C. Shutt, Maxine and Victor Gaddis, Albert Kapotsy and Arthur Montrose.

In April 1922 he was still part of a group of students who helped out at the print shop that included Maxine and Victor Gaddis, Clarence Shutt and Albert Kapotsy.

In May 1922 Loutrel, assisted by C. Shutt, Dover Cryer, Warren Fread and Truman Benthal put up electric poles, wires, etc. and prepared to wire the houses to provide electric lights throughout the colony. He also went along with Max Beavers on a trip to Longville to assist the colony electric department.  

Other Info: He was one of the members of the colony when George T. Pickett first named General Manager.

In March 1928 he returned to the colony from Chicago, where he'd been attending school. He expected to return in the fall of that year to complete his electrical course and thought he would get plenty of practical experience working with Homer Loutrel at the colony electrical plant.

In 1930 he was living in Chicago with the Wm. J. Beavers family and Clifford Synoground family, where he worked as a mail carrier for the Chicago post office.

He played right field during a game in August 1931 at Alco -- the "Llano Nine" for that game consisted of Red Richey at pitcher, Dub Killian at catcher, Leon Caves at first base, Carl Van Buskirk at second, Bill Beavers at third, "Tip" Allred at shortstop, Doc Reynolds at left field, Milton Maki at center field and Clarence Shutt in right field. The boys declared it was a rotten game.  

Post-Colony History:  


Sources: "Llano Colonist": March 25, 1922, April 22, 1922, May 27, 1922, March 10, 1928, August 15, 1931, April 11, 1933 (Reprinted from the Colonist May 17, 1924); US Census: 1930  


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